5 Methods To Overcome Far Cry 6 HD Textures Not Loading

far cry 6 hd textures not loading
far cry 6 hd textures not loading

Even after so many months, gamers have not been able to get through the performance issues with Far Cry 6. The game is pretty demanding and won’t work perfectly even if you have a decent gaming system. So, the first thing you need to do is to match the system requirements with the texture resource pack brought forward by the game.

If you’re sure that the system is up to the task, then there might be some other installation bugs or minor issues that are preventing textures from loading. So, try out some of these troubleshooting steps when Far Cry 6 HD textures are not loading properly.

Fixing Far Cry 6 HD Textures Not Loading:

  1. Turn Off HD Textures

The most consistent fix around this situation was to disable or permanently delete the HD textures from the computer. Even if the VRAM requirements are met, you won’t be able to get the textures working perfectly, and your best bet is to wait for a patch. Until then, you can try disabling the HD textures from the game and then restart it once. That should be enough to get ahead of issues with blurry textures.

  1. Remove Texture Cache

Sometimes, it is a minor bug, and you can easily maneuver through this situation by cleaning up the texture cache from the game folder. So, browse to the My Games folder and then remove the Far Cry 6 folder from this directory. That should wipe the texture cache, and you can launch the game one more time to try and access the game textures without further complications.

  1. Check VRAM Requirements 

The VRAM requirements are most crucial to this game, and you need to make sure that the system matches 12 GB of VRAM if you wish to use the HD texture pack. So, if you want to keep the texture back enabled, then go over the available VRAM from the system properties and then match that with the game requirements.

  1. Update Graphics Drivers

At this point, you should just look towards graphics driver updates to fix the texture issues. If you’ve not updated the graphics drivers in a while, then it is a good idea to fresh install the latest drivers onto your PC.

So, simply install DDU to remove the existing display drivers from your PC, and then reboot your unit before installing the new drivers. Once everything is set up, you can try launching Far Cry 6 one more time, and hopefully, the textures won’t be blurry.

  1. Delete DirectX Cache

Some users also said that you’d have to delete the DirectX chance to get the textures working again. So, simply run the “cleanmgr” command after opening up the Run commands window and then confirm. Make sure to remove the DirectX Shader cache along with other files, and then you can reboot your PC before launching Far Cry 6 one more time. That should be enough to get everything working again, but you can always reach out to the Ubisoft support team for help if you’re stuck.

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