3 Ways To Fix Discord Not Working with Ark Survival Evolved

discord not working ark survival evolved
discord not working ark survival evolved

Ark Survival Evolved is a game that’s all about showing players the cruelties of an extremely dangerous world, while providing them with lots of cool and fun features at the same time. The game lets players ride dinosaurs, try out all sorts of unique weapons, and do much more. In short, it’s a very fun survival game that becomes even better when you start playing with a group of friends, or at least one of them.

Discord and Ark usually go great together, meaning that you can enjoy talking to anyone through a Discord voice call while playing the game. But there are a few odd occasions every now and then. On said occasions, Discord might not work properly or at all with Ark Survival Evolved. If you’re currently experiencing such a problem with both the applications, here’s a list of the easiest and most effective solutions possible.

How To Fix Discord Not Working with Ark Survival Evolved?

  1. Run Both Applications as Admin

The first and most effective solution to this problem is running both the applications as an administrator on your PC. Make sure that you completely close down all instances of both Ark Survival Evolved and Discord and then launch them both again.

The only difference this time is that you need to right-click on their icons before launching them and then choose ‘Run as Administrator’. Now try getting on a Discord call with someone while playing Ark with them and check if it works or not. If that still wasn’t enough, here are a few other things left to try.

  1. Make Sure Everything is Up to Date

The next thing that you have to make sure that all necessary things involved in the process are up to date. The first thing which you’ll obviously have to make absolutely sure of is that Discord’s latest version has been installed on your device and you aren’t using an older version. New updates are automatically installed, but you might have to install them manually sometimes due to unforeseen issues. If Discord isn’t updated, then manually update it. But if it already is, then you need to move on to your drivers.

Make sure that all necessary audio drivers on your device are updated. You can do this by going to the device drivers menu through your PC and then find the audio drivers menu here. After you do so, you can check for any new updates and install them directly.

  1. Try Playing on an Unofficial Server

If the problem is primarily with the Discord overlays, it is recommended that you check out one of the non-official servers which aren’t protected by Battleeye. Battleye has a history of blocking many application overlays in Ark, and this could be another one of these cases. Try playing on a server that’s not official and isn’t protected by Battleye. Now check if Discord overlays are working or not. If they are, then the problem is definitely with Battleye and you’ll obviously need to contact Ark Survival Evolved’s support team regarding the issue so that they can tell you what to do.

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