Discord Not Detecting And Not Working With Rocket League: 3 Fixes

discord not detecting and not working with rocket league
discord not detecting and not working with rocket league

Rocket League is one of such games that have changed the perspective that most people had about video games and dimensions. It is vehicular soccer that is totally based on fiction but makes quite a fun experience if you are playing it online with your friends or other people online.

So, if you are a Discord fan, and you want to play Rocket League on Discord, it should be the perfect thing for you. Although, there can be some issues that you might face, and here is how you can get them fixed.

Discord Not Detecting And Not Working With Rocket League

1) Disable Hardware Acceleration

You will have a better idea just by looking at the game that it takes some pretty high graphics and system requirements to be run and all that is not an easy task for the PC to manage. So, if you have enabled hardware acceleration in Discord settings, that can put some additional load on the PC hardware and you will not be able to detect or play Rocket League with Discord.

It would be better for you to access the Discord settings and disable hardware acceleration. After you have done that, you will need to restart the Discord application and that will sort out the issue for you.

2) Check Background Applications

Since Discord is a pretty big app and so is Rocket league, you will not be able to use them efficiently if other apps are drawing a significant amount of power from your PC hardware. With that being said, if you are running some applications in the background that might be downloading, streaming, or anything like that, you need to close all such applications and then give it a try.

Bandwidth is also a big issue so applications like Chrome that take most of your RAM memory and the bandwidth should be considered fatal for this case scenario and you should be closing them all to make sure that you can run Rocket League with Discord without having any sort of issues.

3) In-Game Overlay

In-Game Overlay is one of the most important part of running any sort of game with Discord and you need to make sure that you have the In-game Overlay enabled for Rocket League specifically. You will need to access the user settings and then click on the game menu. Here you will find all the games and you need to turn the In-Game Overlay on for all the games and then make sure that it is on for Rocket League as well.

You should also add the Rocket League here if it is not already added as that will solve all the issues for you. Now, here is an interesting part and you should be careful about it the most. If you are not running the Discord app as an Administrator, you may not be able to see or add the Rocket League here. So, make sure that you are always running the Discord Application as an Administrator to access Rocket League and all the Games that are installed on your PC.

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