Discord Not Detecting And Not Working With GTA: 3 Fixes

discord not detecting and not working with gta
discord not detecting and not working with gta

Grand Theft Auto or most commonly known as the GTA is one of the most popular games of the modern age. The game has a pretty long history with over 5 versions that have been released over the past decade and they have broken the records of popularity.

GTA is essentially an open-world game that makes you so immersed with the gameplay that you will be hooked for hours at a time. If you are unable to make the Discord app detect GTA on your PC, you will need to fix this as follow.

How To Fix Discord Not Detecting And Not Working With GTA

1) Check for Mods

Ever since the release of GTA, there have been hundreds of mods being released on the internet. This is one popular game and you will not be able to make it work with the Discord for security reasons. So, you need to ensure that the downloaded executable that you have for GTA should be from Rockstar Games and the original version. You need to ensure that you have a legit bought version and not some pirated copy of the game as well to have a seamless experience with Discord.

There is far too much at stake here because Discord contains your private information, conversations, multimedia, and more. So, any custom mod or pirated version will not be detected by Discord as a game and you will not be able to use that with Discord.

2) Configure Steam

If you are playing GTA online on the steam, that is simply great as you don’t have to worry about downloads much and stuff like that. The thing is that you should have optimized the Steam account correctly with your Discord account otherwise, you are going to face issues such as Discord not being able to detect the games on your Steam account or having some sort of problems with the gameplay experience.

The things you need to check while trying this are to ensure that you have the GTA on your Steam account first. You need to purchase the game or download all the necessary files using your Steam account that want to play with. Afterward, you need to enter those Steam account credentials in the Discord application as well that you have used earlier on the same PC to download the files. Make sure that the Steam settings allow applications like Discord to access your account and game data and that will solve the problem for you.

3) Hardware Acceleration

Now, there are two things about hardware acceleration that you need to know. If you are unable to detect the game, you will need to ensure that the hardware acceleration is enabled for the Game Overlay within Discord to play all sorts of games including GTA on your Discord account.

Although, if you feel like the game is lagging or there are some sort of crashes within the game, you will have to disable the Hardware acceleration as it might be putting excessive strain on your PC and that is not a good thing to have.

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