4 Methods To Solve Discord Scrolling Not Working

Although there are plenty of social platforms that can be used to form groups and make voice/video calls, Discord has become the new go-to application for all users. While being introduced as a platform designed specifically for gamers, the application is now being used by all sorts of users. Using Discord is as easy as … Read more

4 Approaches To Solve Discord Emotes Not Working

When chatting with a friend, emotes are commonly used to show a certain emotion. Using these emotes, a user can better express feelings or emotions towards a certain conversation. For instance, a user may use a laughing emote to express laughter on a meme. While Discord fully supports the feature of using emotes, users have … Read more

4 Ways To Deal With Discord Webhook Not Working

When managing a server in Discord, webhooks are a great way of sending messages to a particular channel. Unlike automated messages that require a bot, you don’t need any kind of authentication when using webhooks. These webhooks can be created according to use through simple commands. However, certain users have reported facing difficulties with it. … Read more

4 Quick Fixes For CSGO Discord Overlay Not Working

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4 Solutions For Discord Camera Not Working On Mobile

Discord is a digital platform where users can communicate through voice calls, video calls, text messaging, and send media files to each other. Users can also join different servers to be a part of various communities. Originally, Discord was designed for gamers where they can share their gaming experiences through live streams, but the app … Read more

Discord Email Verification Not Working: 5 Solutions

Setting up an account on Discord can take a while, but you don’t need to provide all the information to access different features and Discord communities. As long as you’ve verified the Email address, it shouldn’t be that difficult to join different servers on the Discord app. So, just focus on email verification, and you … Read more

5 Fixes For Discord Forgot Password Not Working

Forgetting the password can be pretty annoying, especially when you’ve not written it down somewhere. Luckily, all the major platforms like Discord allow users to reset their passwords by sending an email to the registered address. However, some users have been struggling with the forgot password option when it comes to resetting settings. This is a … Read more

4 Methods To Resolve Discord Save Changes Not Working

The Discord servers are a great way of managing your community and their engagement. As an admin, you can access a variety of features, from starting events to changing the basic theme of your community. However, some complaints have recently been brought forward by members regarding Discord save changes not working. This problem with Discord changes … Read more

Listen Along Spotify Discord Not Working? Try These 5 Steps

The listen-along feature brought forward by Spotify enables all group members to tune into the same track. You can use the Discord application to stream the same music with complete sync. However, you will need to have a premium Spotify membership to access this feature. So, keep that in mind if you’re trying to access … Read more

Why Are My Discord Messages Red? (5 Possibilities)

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How To DM On Discord Mobile: 4 Steps To Know

The direct messages on the Discord mobile application are private chats that can’t be seen through a public server. Even if you don’t have a common server with other Discord users, you won’t have a hard time trying to start a direct chat with them. All you need is their Discord tag, and you can … Read more

3 Quick Solutions To Discord Honeycomb Not Working

A honeycomb is a popular skin that users often love to use on their desktops. Through this skin, they can successfully pair all of their programs in several hexagons, giving them a shape similar to that of a honeycomb. Unfortunately, users have reported struggling with the application as they have mentioned that they are unable … Read more