5 Best Roblox Building Games

best roblox building games
best roblox building games

There’s no need to tell anyone about the variety on Roblox if they have been playing the game for even a little while. The game has always let players run wild with their imagination. It has done so by allowing them to create games of their own inside of Roblox, which all other players can access. A lot of the people that play Roblox and create these games are highly talented. Many of them have even been able to create ‘’building games’’ which let other players create all sorts of things themselves.

The building genre is definitely one of the most popular in Roblox. This inevitably means that a lot of creators on Roblox tend to make more and more of these building games. While not all of them are brilliant and fantastic, some of them definitely are. There’s actually a good variety of great building games on Roblox. If you’re interested in building games and wish to try out some of the best that Roblox has to offer, here are 5 of the best options that we can recommend.

5 Best Roblox Building Games

  1. Retail Tycoon 1.1.5

retail tycoon

Retail Tycoon 1.1.5 is one of the most popular building games in the entirety of Roblox. It has almost 200 million+ visits and it must be said that its popularity is well-deserved. It is a well-made and managed tycoon that is both fun and challenging at the same time. It doesn’t present any huge innovating ideas, but it is still very fun and a great tribute to ‘’Your Store Tycoon’’ which is the game that it is based on. While ‘’Your Store Tycoon’’ was ultimately made unplayable thanks to all the updates made to Roblox, Retail Tycoon continues its legacy as a retail store tycoon that is arguably even better.

The main concept of the game is pretty easy to determine from the name itself. You will be handed ownership of a small store somewhere in the world and it is going to be your job to make it as great as possible. You’ll have to build your small shop into a huge retail store that is filled with customers, one step at a time. But that is much easier said than done, as you’ll have to manage all sorts of different aspects while also building a store that is highly attractive for customers.

  1. Build Your Spaceship and Explore the Universe

build your spaceship and explore the universe

The unsubtle name of this game makes it more than easy to determine exactly what you’ll be doing in it. Build Your Spaceship and Explore the Universe is a bit different from most other games on this list. While it is a building game in its essence, it also has many other mechanics for you to enjoy. You’ll be handed tools and supplies to create your own great spaceship, but that’s not all that you’ll get to do. As you can probably guess from the name, players will also be exploring the universe in said ship, going to all sorts of different planets and exploring beautiful new locations as well as uncovering a few secrets here and there. It’s also a unique concept that’s been handled impressively enough.

You’ll also have the option to improve your spaceship even further and build it into something even better than it already might be. That’s not all though, as players also have the option of creating entire planets of their own and putting them in for submission. If said submission is accepted, your created planet is officially added to the game for all players to explore. All in all, Build Your Spaceship and Explore the Universe is a great choice for anyone that likes building games and sci-fi.

  1. Aethalfos: Realm of the Divines

realm of the divines

The game might be the least popular game on this entire list based on the number of visits, but it is an imaginative fresh breath from most of the building games that you’ll find on Roblox. Aethalfos: Realm of the Divines features many different mechanics. This includes things like chopping up wood and even mining oars or other valuable materials, or simply gathering useful supplies in shorter words.

You’ll obviously be using said supplies to craft and build all sorts of different things. The map is large in size and detailed enough to not make the game feel bland and too simple. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for good building games and are tired of finding nothing but tycoon simulators and wish to try something different.

  1. Under Water Build!

under water build

The main attraction of Under Water Build! is that it tries its best to provide players with a realistic approach to how it feels to build underwater. The game is certainly fun to try out, especially if you’re messing around with friends. Once again, this one is also something different from most other builder games thanks to its setting. You can build all sorts of cool stuff, but there’s not much more that can be said. Regardless, it is fun to try out and it is recommended that you give the game a shot for yourself as it is certainly an imaginative building game that most would enjoy playing.

  1. Theme Park Tycoon 2

theme park tycoon 2

Another one of the most popular building games in all of Roblox, Theme Park Tycoon 2 is a great option for any building game fan to try. It is so popular not only thanks to how fun it is, but also because of how much attention it pays to detail. Running a theme park isn’t always going to be about having fun and building fun new attractions. You have to manage your budget and keep the environment as safe as possible, as well as charming as possible.

Even something as simple as a slight lack of waste disposal will start to make customers regret coming to your park and you’ll start to lost money. Overall, this building game is great in many departments and is both challenging, as well as highly rewarding. We recommend that you try it out if you’re looking to test your skills while enjoying a great building game at the same time.

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