3 Ways To Fix TF2 Disk Write Error

tf2 disk write error
tf2 disk write error

TF2 is a team-based game in which you have to move the payload across the map. Different classes can be used to kill the members of the enemy team. Along with different weapons, you can customize your character with different cosmetic items. Some of these cosmetic items can be quite expensive and will cost you hundreds of dollars in the trading channel.

TF2 Disk Write Error

Some players have reported problems with Team Fortress 2 where the game will start downloading additional files after clicking play on the client. After a few moments, a disk write error will show up and the game won’t load. Here is what you can do to fix the disk write error in TF2.

  1. Check HDD

The error usually occurs when your hard drive has gone bad or your Steam client can’t access the directory properly. So, you should start by using smart tools to check the status of your hard drive. You need to double-check the health of your hard drive to see if you can spot any issues. Also, if you have a sub-standard hard drive installed on your PC then that is likely the main cause for this error. It would be best if you can upgrade to a more reliable hard drive if you’re on an off-brand HDD. You can check the recommendations on online forums to figure out what HDD will suit your build.

However, if there is nothing wrong with your hard drive and the health status is fine then you should follow some basic troubleshooting methods first. These methods include re-launching the Steam client as an admin, terminating background processes, and rebooting your PC. If your issue is not serious then, you’ll be able to get your game working after rebooting the PC. So, it is always better to try these basic troubleshooting steps as they can save you a lot of time. But if you’re still running into the disk, write an error then move forward with other fixes.

  1. Move Game Files

If you are not sure about your hard drive then moving your game files to a different hard drive on your PC will help you fix the disk write error. You don’t have to worry about downloading TF2 again and you can just make a backup on a different hard drive. Then after creating the backup, you should use your Steam client to add a new library folder. After the client creates a new library folder, you can just move the backup files onto this new library folder and then verify the game files from the Steam client.

After the verification is done, your Steam client will resume the update, and hopefully, you won’t have to deal with disk write errors again. It is very unlikely for users to run into the disk write error after changing the library drive. So, if nothing seems to work out for you then you should also change the library folder and try downloading the game again on your PC.  But if for some reason, the disk write error is still there then we believe that your client is bugged and you need to follow the solution mentioned below.

  1. Reinstall Client

If the “Disk Write” error is still there after moving the game library then you need to do something about your Steam client. You can either go into your control panel to repair the Steam client or reinstall it all together on your PC. If you want to avoid the hassle of verifying all your games again, then you can also try changing download configurations first. You can change the region for downloads from the client settings. If that doesn’t work then try removing the download cache from your Steam client.

Doing that will increase your chances of fixing the “Disk Write” error in TF2. But if the issue is still there after going through these steps, then you will have to reinstall your client. Make sure to first create a backup of all your games so that you don’t have to wait for them to download again. You can then install the Steam Client again and move these games back to the library folder and then try updating the games again. Your “Disk Write” error will likely be fixed at this stage.

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