3 Ways To Fix Fate Application Error

fate application error
fate application error

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Fate Application Error

Unfortunately, several Fate players have been experiencing issues with application errors in their game. Whenever players try to launch the game, an application error will pop up on the screen and the game won’t start. If you’re also getting an application error in Fate then follow these steps.

  1. Create Configuration File

It is quite common for old games to run into various errors on up-to-date systems. So, if Fate keeps crashing then you will have to create a configuration file to manage your game. You will have to open the file explorer and then navigate to your Fate game files.

Then browse to the Persistent game folder and create a document that you can edit. At this stage, you should open up Steam forums and find the list of configuration settings that need to be pasted in this new document. After copying all the configurations from the Steam forums, you can save the file.

Now, you have to right-click this new document and change the name to “config.dat”. After renaming the file you just have to launch the game with your client and these new configurations will help you avoid the application error.

If you already have a configuration file in your game folder then make sure to change the resolution settings and try launching the game again. If you’re using an ultra-wide monitor then it would be better if you can try different resolution settings as that can help you avoid application error.

  1. Change Resolution

This issue is mainly tied with resolution issues on your PC, and you can get around the application error by changing your in-game resolution settings. Even after creating a new configuration file, you will still need to tweak the resolution settings to fit your system specifications.

You can try different values for the screen height and width and then launch the game to see if the new settings fit your monitor. Keep on experimenting with different settings to land on the settings that work perfectly for your game.

Some users did point out that after creating the new configuration file, they were unable to play the game in full-screen mode. To change that you can try changing the value in the screen mode statement that is present in the configuration file.

However, the full-screen mode can create issues for the game. So, if you start running into the application error after changing the screen mode then we suggest that you switch back to the windowed mode and play the game. For the complete list of configuration commands, you need to open up Steam forums on your browser and find threads on application error in Fate.

  1. Graphics Drivers

If you’re sure that there is nothing wrong with your configurations, then you should check the graphics drivers on your PC. If the issues started happening after you updated the graphics drivers, then you should switch back to the older version of your graphics drivers. You can do that by removing the current drivers using DDU and then installing the older drivers on your PC.

Make sure to follow each step mentioned in the DDU tutorial to avoid corrupting the new graphics drivers on your system. That would help you fix the application error in Fate.

If you’re on Nvidia GPU then we suggest that you try optimizing the game through the GeForce Experience. You can launch the GeForce experience and then click the optimize button after selecting Fate. That will change the in-game configurations to match your system specs. In some situations, doing this has helped a lot of players fix their game. You should also check for Windows update to see if you’re behind on any important update that might cause similar issues for your game or graphics drivers. After checking your drivers, launch the game again.

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