6 Quick Fixes For Smite Can’t Rejoin Game

smite can't rejoin game
smite can’t rejoin game

While there is some hype behind smite, you will find a ton of players complaining about the slow gameplay brought forward by this game. This is especially true for conquest, and the reduced pace won’t really help you with a better gaming experience. So, keep that in mind if you are planning on investing some time into Smite.

On top of these errors, you will often get disconnected from the game and won’t be able to rejoin. It can be pretty annoying in the middle of a match. So, here are some solutions for Smite players who can’t rejoin the game.

How to Resolve Smite Can’t Rejoin Game?

  1. Try Changing Screen Mode

Trying a different screen mode is the most consistent fix that helped countless players get back to the game. So, if your game disconnected without further errors, change the game mode to either windowed or borderless. From there, just switch the screen mode, and that will fix the connection errors with Smite.

  1. Restart Your Game

Sometimes, you will have to relaunch the game completely to get ahead of these errors. This is especially true for users that are already working with windowed mode. It will take a bit more of your time, but there aren’t many options left at this point. So, just exit the game through the task manager and launch it one more time.

  1. Use /reconnect Command

Some players also pointed out that they had to use the /reconnect command to get back into the match. So, if you were not successful with the first attempt, just use the reconnect command. That will be enough to help you through minor connection errors with the game.

  1. Try Using A VPN

Using a VPN is another great option for limiting these network errors. If you are getting disconnected in every game, just use a VPN, and that will help address these errors. Make sure to only rely on reputable options like NORD or ExpressVPN to get through these errors.

  1. Check Server Population

The server population might also be to blame here when Smite rejoin features are not working. So, simply check the server population and then try again at a different time to avoid these errors. There is no point in queuing up the game a few minutes after a new patch. Instead, you should wait for a few hours for the server traffic to stabilize.

  1. Seek Help From Customer Support

Lastly, there might be some issues with your player account. The best fix here is to reach out to the customer support professionals and ask them to help you through these issues. They will take a look at your game account and guide you accordingly on how to address account-related issues.

Overall, this issue is mostly fixed by changing the screen mode and restarting the game. So, there is a good chance that you won’t have to bother with any more fixes after you attempt to change the screen mode. Hopefully, that will address all errors.

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