Roblox Password Reset Not Working: 3 Ways To Fix

roblox password reset not working
roblox password reset not working

Roblox requires users to sign in before they can start playing through their account. Accounts have all the progress of a player, including all the badges that they’ve won and all the items that they have in their inventory. To keep this protected, players must sign in every single time they wish to play.

The only problem with logging in every single time you need to play is that you can forget your password at times. If this has happened to you, there’s no doubt that you’ve tried reset your password. But sometimes, the reset password option doesn’t work, which is obviously quite annoying and worrying. Here’s what to do if you’re also unable to get the reset password options to work.

How to Fix Roblox Password Reset Not Working

  1. Make Sure That You’re Checking the Right Email

The first thing that you absolutely have to make sure of is that you’re checking the right email address. Whenever players make a Roblox account, they’re required to enter an email account which could be used to contact them in a scenario similar to this one. If you made your Roblox account multiple years ago, it is possible that you provided an email address that you no longer use anymore.

Check all of your accounts rather than the one you only use currently, as the password reset verification might’ve been sent to any of the. Once you’ve checks all your email accounts and still weren’t able to find the code in any of your inboxes, it is recommended that you try the other solutions listed below.

  1. Check Spam Folder

You should try checking the spam folder of your email as it is possible that the mail from Roblox regarding your password reset was automatically sent to your spam folder. Your email sometimes makes mistakes while organizing all the new mail that you’re getting and can possibly shift important messages like this one to spam. This especially tends to happen a lot with Gmail, so you should definitely check the spam folder of your email for the code.

It could be that it is in some other folder too, or that you might’ve accidentally deleted the mail. That’s why you should check all the different folders and check the email trash too. If you’re still unable to find the password reset code and get it working despite using the right email and checking all the folders, then the issue is likely from Roblox’s end. In that case, there’s one more thing left to do.

  1. Contact Roblox’s Support

Try to file a complaint to the Roblox support team if you’re unable to change your password still and weren’t even able to locate the email. They should be able to tell you what’s wrong if you’re already using the right email address and still haven’t gotten the password reset code. Doing so will ultimately allow you to get back to playing using your account.

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