3 Ways To Fix Oxenfree Ending Loop

oxenfree ending loop
oxenfree ending loop

In this game, you can choose through different dialogue options that can impact the ending of the story. The majority of players get emotionally attached to this game and enjoy it thoroughly. As you progress through the game, you can build relations with other characters, and the time loop feature in this game will sometimes reset interactions to reveal different aspects of the story.

The time loop feature keeps the game interesting and at the end, everything just loops back to the start. Let’s go over how you can get the time loop to end in your game and keep everyone safe on the island.

How to Fix Oxenfree Ending Loop?

  1. Start Second Playthrough

To end the time loop you will have to start the game again and then reach the end. During the second playthrough, you will notice that a few things are different this time around. You will have to use the continue timeline option on your first playthrough to start the game for a second time. There is nothing you can do to end the time loop on the first try and the game ends when you reach the end and communicate to yourself about the time loop.

Then at the end of the second playthrough, you should be able to end the time loop if you’ve selected the correct path during the playthrough. A lot of players get disappointed and don’t finish the second playthrough which is why they can’t get the time loop to end.

You will have to go through the interactions again and notice the differences between the first and the second playthrough. That will keep things interesting while you try to stop the loop and save your friends.

  1. Use Radio Devices

One of the differences that you will notice this time around would be that there will be a radio inside the cave. Now, you can use this radio to communicate with your future self in the timeline and stop everyone from coming to the island. The radio is the key to the end game and you need to interact with all the radio devices found on the island.

That way you can guide a version of yourself to end the time loop by warning them about the danger. Interacting with these devices will set your character up to finally break the time loop during the ending scene.

There should be a total of four interactions with the radio devices to end the time loop. After going through these interactions, you need to get to the end part of the game. Now, this time around, during the end scenes you will notice that your past self will hear a message from Alex as she was listening to the radio.

The message will warn them not to come if they want to remain safe.

Then you just have to tell Ren that you were clueless about the message, it will break the time loop and you will be safe. You will miss the ferry and go with your friends to grab something to eat. That way you won’t go to the island and thus ending the loop in this manner.

However, a bug will still show the continue timeline option. You just have to ignore it this time because the loop has ended and you are not going to Edward’s Island.

  1. YouTube Walkthroughs

If you’re still confused about how to break the time loop then you should watch some walkthroughs on the internet that can guide you through the gameplay. Follow each step as shown in the video guide and you should be able to break the loop and save everyone. It is impossible to end the time loop on the first try and you will have to go through the game again to break the overall time loop.

You can ask other players on community forums to help you through the interactions if you’re confused about certain aspects of the game. That way someone will be able to guide you depending upon the interaction you’re currently on. You can also join discord servers and ask for help there. Someone will probably be willing to guide you through the interactions that will end the time loop in your game.

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