Everything To Know About Minecraft Reload Config

minecraft reload config
minecraft reload config

There are many mod servers that you can join to enjoy different aspects of the game. These mod packs make the game more interesting for players that are bored with the standard mechanics of the game.

By using different mods, players can bring out their creativity and manage bigger industrial structures within the game. You can download different mods online and then link them with Minecraft depending upon the compatibility.

You can use the configuration files to edit out different aspects of your server. Depending upon the mod pack you’re using, the text editor will help you change server settings according to your preference. After that, you will need to reload configurations for them to apply to the game.

Minecraft Reload Config

There are different ways that you can use to reload configuration files in the Minecraft server. The majority of players just like to avoid the hassle and they just exit out of the world, change the configuration files and then restart the client.

That way the new configurations are applied to your Minecraft world and you can play with the new settings without any issues. However, it can be time-consuming depending upon which mod pack you’re using. Bigger mod packs can take several minutes to launch and exiting out of the mod every time can become annoying.

There are some mods available that use the reload configuration command that can help reload new configurations to your Minecraft world. That way you won’t have to exit out of the game at all and the new configurations will be applied.

However, these mods are very rare, meaning that the majority of mods don’t have this functionality. You can check by typing in the reload configuration command in the game chat to check if you can reload the configurations in the mod pack you’re currently using. If not then you should just try restraining the client.

If you’re on Forge then you can also utilize the Configurations GUI to reload configurations to your Minecraft world. This feature will reload the configurations as soon as you exit out of the menu and the new configurations will start working right away.

Usually, the reload method depends upon the type of mod you’re using in the game. A surefire method would always be to restart the server and that would help you bring everything up to speed with the new configurations. So, if nothing is working out for you then try restarting the server.

If your mod does support the reload command then that fixes everything. It will barely take you a few minutes to reload configurations and you won’t have to bother with restarting the whole mod just to apply a few simple tweaks. If that doesn’t work then you can use the Configurations GUI provided by Forge and lastly, you can restart the game to see if the new configurations are applied to your game.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the type of configuration changes can also impact the reload process. Meaning that if you’re making minor tweaks to the server then there won’t much need to restart the game. But if you’re changing something in the registry files then you must restart your game for the configurations to work with your server. You can also ask other players on online forums about how they reload configurations on their server to find out the method that will work for your game.

To Conclude

The reload method depends entirely upon the type of configuration changes and the mod pack you’re currently using. If you’re only going through with minor changes then there won’t be a need to restart the server if your mod pack supports the reload configuration command.

However, if you’re introducing major changes into the server like changing blocks and so on, then you will have to restart the server even if your mod supports the reload configuration command.

If you are having trouble with getting the configurations to work with your mod pack then you can try re-installing the mod pack in your world. That should help you get rid of minor issues with the mod pack and hopefully, your configurations will start working properly again. Otherwise, you will need to ask the mod support to guide you through troubleshooting steps to fix the mod pack for your game.

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