5 Methods To Solve Lost ARK Not Updating

lost ark not updating
lost ark not updating

It’s become very evident, now that Ark: Survival Evolved has been out and PC players have begun to dig in, that the game has certain issues that need to be ironed out. If you play on a personal computer and have looked at user reviews on Steam, you may have seen that the vast majority of reviews are not at all good.

This is something that you may have observed if you have looked. On the other hand, it would seem that one of the most common complaints is around the fact that Lost Ark does not update correctly and how this impacts the ability to play.

How to Fix Lost ARK Not Updating?

  1. Low Internet Connection

If your Internet connection has dropped and you’re unsure if the game is still running in the background, you can check by going to Settings > Wi-Fi on your device. If there is a Wi-Fi network listed, then it means that your connection was lost for a few moments but was able to recover. However, if no networks are listed, it means that either there is no connection or that your device has been out of range for too long.

  1. Check Manually If Your Game Is Up to Date with Steam

The first thing to check is if your Steam has updated the game to the latest version. Go to your Steam Library, find and click on Lost Ark, then in the bottom left corner there will be a button labelled ‘Updates.’ You can also find it by scrolling down on the front page of your Steam account. If there are any updates for your game, then you should download and install them first before anything else.

  1. Verify Integrity of Game Files

Your game might not be updated because there is an issue with your game installation. You can try to verify the integrity of your files to see if this is the case. This will make sure that all of the files are in place and that they haven’t been corrupted or removed. Here’s how: open Steam, click on Library, then select ‘Tools’ from the list on the left-hand side of the screen. Next, select ‘Verify Integrity of Tool Files’. Once complete, restart Steam and attempt to launch your game again.

  1. Mismatched Versions

Update your game. If you’re playing on Steam and are running the latest version of Lost Ark but your ark appears to be stuck, verify that you have all of the updates for your game. These should automatically download and install when you start up your game but it’s worth double checking with Windows’ built-in Programs and Features app (searching for Lost Ark will lead you to it). Make sure the date and time on both your computer are correct.

  1. Hardware Issues

Hardware issues are usually the root of a Lost Ark not updating. One reason for this is due to a hard drive’s failure. To fix this, you will need to ensure your computer has all the correct system updates before attempting to start it up again and try turning it on while holding both Control and Escape buttons (keep them held until you hear a beep).

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