Lost ARK Keyboard vs Controller – Which Suits You?

lost ark keyboard vs controller
lost ark keyboard vs controller

Finding the right controller scheme is crucial for the end-game content. While the different controller options won’t matter at first in Lost ARK, you will have to commit to a play style if you wish to push the hardcore content. However, you’ll find many players confused about going with a keyboard or controller for their class.

Whether you should choose a controller or a keyboard depends entirely upon your playstyle. There is no debate that the keyboard is the primary choice for most hardcore players, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any amazing controller players in the community. So, it all comes down to your class and experience. Here are some more details on the Lost ARK keyboard and controller.

Lost ARK Keyboard vs Controller Comparison

Lost ARK Keyboard

The Lost ARK keyboard input might be the only option for classes that are filled with targeted actions. You will undoubtedly be able to aim better with a mouse, and there is no point in going with a controller if you’re sticking with a class that relies heavily on aim. So, keep that in mind before you pick a class if you’re using a controller. On the other hand, keyboard and mouse gameplay can be a bit annoying for casual players because of the erratic controls.

The main difference between these different control schemes is that you’ll get comfortable controls and easy input from the controller, while you’ll get more precision with the keyboard. So, if you’re struggling with your aim and want better targeting, going with keyboard and mouse input is the best option.

Classes like berserker will work well for the majority of the game, but you shouldn’t expect much when you’re planning on going with classes like Lance caster. The class choice is the primary decision that will dictate which controller option will serve you well. So, make sure to put some thought into choosing the right class with minimal targeted attacks to make use of the controller.

Overall, the keyboard input will always be considered superior to the controller option because of the aim superiority. There is no debate that the movement can be a bit annoying, but you will get used to it in a few weeks. So, instead of switching between different controller options, just stick with the keyboard, and you will have an amazing time while playing the end-game content. Otherwise, it will be difficult to switch to the keyboard if you keep messing around with the controller option.

Lost ARK Controller

If you’re not that fond of the idea of using too many targeted attacks and want to enjoy a casual gaming session, then there is no better option than a controller. You’ll find the majority of berserkers to be playing on a controller, and you should follow the same class layout to enjoy a complete gaming experience. However, if you’re not that fond of the idea of limiting your control over the character, then going with the keyboard is the best option.

Aside from these control issues, you will run into a ton of bugs, with the controller buttons not working or the game not recognizing your controls. So, you will have to go through a ton of complications to get the controller working perfectly on your computer. On top of that, the configurations will keep resetting, and developers have yet to fix the majority of controller-related bugs.

A significant section of the player base relies on the keyboard for the end-game content. On the other hand, you will find most beginners using controllers for their classes. So, if you’re new to the game, testing out both the controller scheme and the keyboard scheme for a day will help you finalize the decision.

Overall, going with the controller is more convenient and helps casual players enjoy a complete gaming session. There are some classes like berserker that fit the controller playstyle, but you can’t really aim with the controller. It will take a long time to get the accuracy down, and you will notice a massive improvement in your aiming by switching to the mouse. So, even if you’re used to the controller, there is no harm in going with the mouse controls along with the keyboard to test out your class.

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