8 Solutions To Lost ARK Head Start Not Working

lost ark head start not working
lost ark head start not working

Have you heard about the Lost Ark head start but didn’t get a chance to sign up? It’s OK, because it’s been around for awhile now, and Nexon has released some of the details about how it works. However, some players still have trouble getting the Lost Ark head start working when they try to participate.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help with that by walking you through some of the steps you can take if your Lost Ark head start isn’t working properly.

Fixing Lost ARK Head Start Not Working:

  1. Update your graphic card drivers

Head to the Start menu, click on Control Panel, then open up the System and Security app. Scroll down until you see the Device Manager. Expand this section and select any device that has a yellow triangle next to it with an exclamation point inside of it. Choose the Update Driver Software button, which should bring up a window asking you where to search for driver updates.

  1. Play in Online Mode

There are many things that can cause the lost ark head start issue and it is important to identify which one you have in order to be able to solve the problem as soon as possible. For example, if the lost ark application failed while updating or shutting down your computer, try following these steps

  • Restart your PC before running the lost ark application again
  • Check for error messages on Windows event logs or Lost Ark console;
  • Delete the Documents\My Games\Ark folder; and
  • Try running Lost Ark with administrator privileges. If none of those tip’s work, try reinstalling the game.
  1. Check If Servers Are Down or Not

In some cases, the servers may be down or something else may be causing an issue. When you are unable to log in, check the company’s social media for notifications and updates about server status and any current issues with the game. Keep in mind that this does not happen often. In other cases, your connection could be weak or you may have a computer/connection error preventing you from playing.

  1. Remove Any Antivirus Software

If you’re running an antivirus software, try disconnecting the virus protection and restarting your computer before playing the game again. Your anti-virus software could be blocking files and creating errors when playing the game, which is why this fix can work. If this fails too, try downloading the game again after removing your antivirus and checking for any false positives that might have been detected as malicious files or processes by your virus software in our instructions for removing a virus from a PC

  1. Test Your Internet Connection

To determine whether or not your internet connection is operational at the moment, you may check its speed using a ping test or run a speed test. If you are able to complete these steps but are still unable to access the game, it is possible that the most recent version of ARK: Survival Evolved is not compatible with the device you are using. If you want this game to run correctly on your computer, you may need to update or upgrade the hardware that it’s running on.

  1. Play the Game in an administrative capacity.

If you are still experiencing issues with your Lost Ark Head Start after completing the instructions above, you may try running the game in administrator mode. There have been some difficulties reported with Windows 10 and UAC (User Account Control), and if this is the case for you on your machine, you should experiment with removing UAC in a manner with which you are most comfortable.

  1. You need to delete the game, then reinstall it, and then download all of the patches.

There is most likely an issue with your game files if the Lost ark head starts are not functioning properly. This is the most prevalent cause of this problem. It is possible that the files you downloaded were corrupted; in this case, removing the game and then reinstalling it can assist ensure that you are beginning from scratch. After the installation is complete, you should be sure to apply the most recent updates to all of the Lost Ark patches, since doing so will guarantee that you have all of the relevant data. After these fixes have been implemented, you will need to restart your computer before beginning play once again.

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