How To Transfer League of Legends to Another Computer?

How To Transfer League of Legends to Another Computer
How To Transfer League of Legends to Another Computer

League of Legends is one of the most highly played games in the present era. The rich graphics and intensive gameplay make it extremely attractive to different people. However, as time passes you have to upgrade your devices to enjoy the true nature of these graphics. During this time, people tend to ask the question “how to transfer League of Legends to another computer?”. The process for this is very simple and will hardly take a few steps before you can have the device up and running freely on your device. Let’s cover what you will need to do for all of this.

How To Transfer League of Legends to Another Computer?

Here is a breakdown of the steps that we can use to resolve this issue.

  • The very first step to do on your device is to go to the Riot game’s official website and download their engine on your device. This will take some time and after doing this you should be able to download the latest version of the League of Legends. Keep in mind the location in which you are saving the files.
  • Now switch to your old computer and go to your drive C or where you have saved the master file of the League of Legends. You have to copy the folder completely and paste it into a clean USB device. This process will take some time as the size of the game is enormous.
  • Next, go to the new computer and install all the patches on your computer as well. By doing so, you will stop any issues from coming up soon.
  • Now you have to separate the League of Legends folder from the other devices and now go to the USB device and copy the content. Navigate to your new computers League of legends existing folder and simply paste the content here.
  • Once you have selected the paste option, the computer will ask you whether you want to override the file or not. By clicking yes, all your data from the previous computer will get transferred to your new computer. This should complete the transfer and answer your question about how to transfer League of Legends to another computer.
  • This will complete the process of transferring all your data into the new device. Do keep in mind that the data of the game is stored online in the cloud. All the things that you need to play can be easily transferred to your new device but the cloud data has to be downloaded individually. Failing to do so will cause a gap in the data that you need to work on your device and enjoy your gaming experience.

Always remember to check if the data was completely copied and then pasted on your device. Any loss of a data packet can cause a failure in not only the loading but playing or opening of the game itself. You have to be sure of these things. The best way to achieve this is to open the USB icon from the bottom right corner of the screen and press the right button before selecting eject.

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