How To Replay Mission in Halo Infinite? (3 Ways To Do)

how to replay mission in halo infinite
how to replay mission in halo infinite

Players have the freedom to repeat any completed mission in Halo Infinite as they see appropriate, but what happens if you are aiming to reach 100% completion of the game and you miss a mission along the way? To your relief, Halo Infinite allows you to repeat any of the missions you have already finished, provided that you have not yet moved on to the next mission in the campaign.

Your gaming session will run more easily if you follow the instructions in this article on how to repeat previously skipped missions.

How To Replay Mission in Halo Infinite?

  1. Saving

In Halo Infinite, missions can be replayed from the mission select menu. You can replay any mission you have already completed in the campaign once it is completed. However, if you want to play a mission that has not been unlocked yet, you will need to unlock it first. To unlock a mission, you must complete one of two tasks. Either find and collect an access key or find and clear out an enemy base. Once these tasks are complete, the desired mission will be unlocked and available for future playthroughs!

  1. Mission Completion
  • Upon completing a mission, players will be presented with the option to replay it.
  • Players may also be able to replay missions in co-op mode.
  • Players will have the option of skipping cutscenes in order to replay a mission faster and more efficiently.
  • For missions that are considered story-based or canon, these cutscenes will still be present and cannot be skipped.
  • Not all missions can be replayed on Easy difficulty; they must first be completed on Normal or higher.
  • Story Mode is still available for those who want to experience the campaign without any difficulty settings.
  1. Fast-forward

There are two different ways you can replay a missed mission in Halo Infinite. The first option is to go back to the main menu and select Campaign. From there, pick the mission that you want to replay and it will start up for you. The second way is by using the Mission Select feature. To access this menu, press ‘X’ on your controller while playing any level in Halo Infinite.

Replaying Missions

While the ability to repeat campaign missions has yet to be included in HALO Infinite, it has been introduced in the final test version of the next big update for the popular Xbox FPS. The local split-screen co-op option for HALO Infinite, which was mentioned before, has been scrapped, but internet co-op has been confirmed. The long-awaited co-op feature and a new option for repeating narrative missions from the HALO Infinite campaign are now only viewable by players with access to the preview version.

The following instructions are for those of you who are beta testing the latest preview release and would want to access the menu for replaying missions:

  1. Initiate the TacMap by clicking the view/select button.
  2. To see a finished mission, just hover the mouse over the relevant icon on the map.
  3. Click the X to choose the Mission Selection menu.
  4. Simply pick the Replay Mission option that should appear under the mission’s description.
  5. This is a challenging and skulls A menu asking you to choose an option will appear; when you’ve done so, the mission will begin.

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