5 Fixes For Halo Infinite PC Not Updating

halo infinite pc not updating
halo infinite pc not updating

If you’re having problems downloading Halo Infinite on your PC, it may not be due to an error on the developer’s part, but instead an error on your own. Bungie has released a troubleshooting guide to help players who are struggling with updating the game via the Microsoft Store, which should clear up any issues you might be having. To see what the hiccup may be, check out the full guide below!

Fixing Halo Infinite PC Not Updating:

  1. Is Your Network Connection Up and Running

One common reason why you might not be able to update your Halo Infinite game is if your network connection isn’t working. To make sure that your connection is enabled, go to Settings > Network and make sure that Wi-Fi or Ethernet is selected. If it doesn’t work, try restarting the device by pressing and holding the power button for at least 10 seconds.

If your Xbox One console is connected to your router, but you’re still unable to connect to Xbox Live, perform a hard reset. To do so, press and hold both of your console’s controllers’ central sync buttons until it fully powers down and restarts. Now that we have established that your network connection should work, let’s move on to checking for updates on your console itself.

  1. Check Your Home Network

While playing Halo Infinite, is your game lagging or stuttering even though you have good internet connection and a powerful computer? If so, your home network might be the culprit. Check to make sure that everything is plugged in correctly and that all of your connections are secure. You may need to call a technician if you’re not sure how to troubleshoot the problem yourself.

  1. Check Your Windows Firewall Settings

If you are experiencing problems with halo infinite pc not updating, it may be that your Windows Firewall is blocking some updates. To check, open the control panel and select Security and Maintenance then click on Windows Firewall on the left side of the screen. Next, select Advanced settings from the top of the screen. Once there, make sure all boxes to the right of Allow Connections are unchecked. Once this has been done, try launching Halo Infinite and see if it’s working now.

  1. Check If the Storage Drive Is Failing or Not

If you’re having trouble updating Halo Infinite and your storage drive is failing, try restarting your console. If the halo infinite pc troubleshooting doesn’t work, back up any data on the storage drive to a USB or external hard drive. Once that’s done, delete all game data from the storage drive. After this is complete, restart your console and try to update Halo Infinite again. If it still fails, contact Microsoft for further assistance with getting an Xbox One S or X.

  1. Run the Patch Manually

If you’re having trouble with the game not updating, then you can always try running the patch manually. Here are the steps to do this on Windows 10.

  • Right click on halo infinite in your library and choose properties.
  • Go to local files and select update.
  • Check the box that says always ask before downloading. This will download any patches that may have come out for your game.

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