3 Ways To Fix H1Z1 G29 Error

h1z1 g29 error
h1z1 g29 error

A few years ago, H1Z1 was one of the most famous games before other battle royale games were released. However, that does not mean that there are no players left in this game. The lobbies are still full of highly skilled players that love to play this game. So, if you want to start H1Z1 then you don’t have to worry about long queue times or empty lobbies. You’ll have a lot of fun competing with other skilled players for the win.

H1Z1 G29 Error

A lot of players have reported that they keep getting error G29 when they try to launch H1Z1. If you’re also getting this error code in H1Z1 then try following the methods discussed below to potentially fix the error.

  1. Check Compatibility 

Most of the time this issue is because of the connection problem between your game accounts. According to the official support, the error should be temporary and will sort itself out after a few minutes. However, there have been thousands of users that were not able to play the game for several days because of this problem. Some of these players managed to fix this error by going into the compatibility settings and providing administrator privileges to the game application as well as the launcher.

So, if H1Z1 is giving you the same error after you’ve waited for a few hours then you should try checking the compatibility settings for your game. You can do that by accessing the H1Z1 game folders from the Steam library and then navigating to the application and launcher executable file for H1Z1. Right-click on the file and then click on the compatibility tab. Now, you need to ensure that the admin privileges are enabled from the bottom of the compatibility menu. Apply the settings after checking the administrator box for both files and then attempt to launch H1Z1 again. Hopefully, the game won’t give you the same error as before.

  1. Check Security Options

A few users were able to fix this error by changing the security options on their H1Z1 application file. So, to do that you need to just access the desktop shortcut for this game and right-click on it. From there you will have to select properties for H1Z1 and then switch to the Security tab from the new menu. Now, you will find an option labeled as “system” on the upper section of the new menu. You have to select this option and then select edit to change the system options.

At this stage, you will have to change the allowed option for full control to deny and then save the settings. Now, you should be able to launch H1Z1 without further complications. One thing to keep in mind is that the Steam client should not be running in the background while you try to modify the security settings for your H1Z1 application file. If for some reason you don’t have a shortcut to the game file then you can try accessing the application directly from the game folder. However, it would be better to follow the procedure step by step by creating a shortcut to minimize confusion.

  1. Contact Support

Along with the methods mentioned above, you can try reinstalling the H1Z1 on your PC and make sure that you use the Steam client to launch the game. A few general troubleshooting steps like logging into Steam client again and rebooting the PC can also potentially help you with the G29 error. There is a chance that there is something wrong with the game servers which is why you are unable to play the game on multiplayer mode.

However, to be sure about the cause of this problem, you should immediately contact customer support for H1Z1 and ask for their input on this error. The possibility is there that there is nothing wrong on your end and you might just have to wait while the developers fix their game. Several other online platforms can be used to interact with H1Z1 players to see if the problem is unique for you or not. If other players are having the same issue and no one can fix it then you might have to just wait for a response from the support members.

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