3 Ways To Fix FNIS PCEA2 Error

fnis pcea2 error
fnis pcea2 error

Every player wants their character to stand out in an RPG, but in Skyrim, you will notice that everyone has almost the same animations. This is why players have started using the PCEA2 mod that helps with modifying the animations for your character.

There are different player character-exclusive animations relative to the actions that you can perform in Skyrim. However, this mod is not very stable and will give you issues when used with other mods.

If you’re in a situation where the PCEA2 mod is not working in your game and you keep running into errors, then here are a few solutions that can potentially solve the FNIS PCEA2 error.

How to Fix FNIS PCEA2 Error?

  1. Update FNIS Behavior

A few players pointed out that you can fix this error by unchecking all the options after launching the application. Then you can go ahead and try updating FNIS behavior, that should get your PCEA2 working again.

Even though it is a great mod, there are a lot of issues that are affecting users. If the PCEA2 mod was working just fine a few hours ago then we suggest that you go through some general troubleshooting steps first. This includes rebooting your PC and then launching the mod again. If there are no major issues with your mod then it should start working now.

But if you’re still getting the same error during launch then you’ll have to update the FNIS behavior from the application. That should help you fix any minor error with the mod and you’ll be able to use the exclusive animation in your game again.

However, the nature of your error might be unique, which is why it is best to share your mod log with the support members and ask them for help. That way they can get a good understanding of your issue and will guide you accordingly through some solutions.

  1. Remove Other Mods

If you’re still not able to get the mod working after updating the FNIS behavior then there is a chance that some other mod is causing issues for your PCEA2. As mentioned above, the PCEA2 mod isn’t stable enough to work well with other mods. So, if you have a lot of mods installed on your Skyrim then you should consider removing them to get the PCEA2 working again.

To remove mods, you can just access the game data files and then remove the mod files from the game folder. You need to also remove mod-related textures and extra files.

If that fixes your PCEA2 then you should try looking for an updated version of the mods you were using. That way you can install the updated version on your PC and hopefully, that won’t create the same issues for your PCEA2 mod.

You can also try removing mods one by one to isolate the extra mod which is causing this problem for your character animations. Then you can download everything back except for the mod that is causing this issue. This will allow you to fix the problem by only removing one mod and you can have everything back on your game.

  1. Reinstall Mod

Lastly, if you’re still having issues with launching the character animation mod then you need to try to remove FNIS PCEA2 from your PC. Then you can download a fresh copy from the internet and install them again. That way you will be able to fix any issues that you might have with the mod.

Even though it might not be directly linked to your specific issue, but if none of the fixes are working out then reinstalling the mod can help you fix the problem. You can also try using community forums for the mod pack to explore other options.

Reaching out to other players that are having the same issue will help you find out unique troubleshooting steps that might work out for you. This is why we suggest that you use the community forums and create a thread regarding your error.

Ideally, you shouldn’t be running into the same issue after updating the FNIS behavior as that helped majority of players to fix that launch issue. But if nothing else is working out then seeking help from other players might be your only option.

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