Far Cry 4 Black Screen On Startup? (6 Things To Know)

far cry 4 black screen on startup
far cry 4 black screen on startup

It is not a very pleasant experience, as anybody who has ever started up Far Cry 4 and seen the “black screen of death” would be able to attest to on their own behalf.

In point of fact, it is really aggravating and frustrating, and it gives the impression that you have been tricked out of the experience for which you spent a significant amount of money.

Nevertheless, there are times when this is not the case! It’s possible that the issue isn’t with the game itself but rather with the capabilities of your machine to execute it, in which case the problem is easily solvable.

How to Fix Far Cry 4 Black Screen On Startup?

  1. Restart Your Computer In Safe Mode

If your computer is running fine, but you’re seeing a black screen when you start up far cry 4, it might be your graphics card. To fix this issue, do the following:

  • Turn off power to all connected devices.
  • Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet or surge protector and plug it back in after 30 seconds.
  • Press and hold down any key to boot up your computer (usually DEL or F2).
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to enter safe mode.
  • Disable your graphics card driver by going into Device Manager and selecting show hidden devices.
  • Click Nvidia then right-click on display adapters then select disable.
  • Next, go to Display under Control Panel and click Change Display Settings.
  • For optimal performance, click Advanced Settings then select Integrated Graphics only then click Apply.
  • Save the changes and try launching Far Cry 4 again.
  1. Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

There are a few things you can try. First, update your graphics card drivers. This may not help at all, but it’s worth a shot!

You can find out what version of drivers your card is using by visiting the manufacturer’s website and downloading them.

If you’re running an older driver than what’s recommended for your card, this may be causing issues with compatibility or performance.

Follow these steps to install the latest drivers: Open Control Panel -> Uninstall Programs -> View Installed Updates -> and hit uninstall.

Then, go to the manufacturer’s site and download their latest release. Once that has been installed, restart your computer and test again to see if it helped.

  1. Verify Your Game Files

Verifying your game files is a good first troubleshooting step for dealing with the dreaded Black Screen of Death when launching a game.

  • First, you’ll need to verify your game files.
  • This can be done by going to the Steam Library and right-clicking on Far Cry 4.
  • Next, select Properties from this menu.
  • Under the Local Files tab, click Verify Integrity of Game Cache.
  • The system will then analyze your game installation and fix any errors that it finds before re-downloading them (if necessary).
  • This process may take a while depending on your internet connection speed. When it’s finished, try starting the game again.

If there are still issues with the game’s graphics or performance, please restart your computer for better results. If you’re still experiencing problems, please contact us for further assistance at:

  1. Lower Your Graphics Settings

If you’re experiencing a black screen, your first step should be to lower your graphics settings. This can help eliminate some bugs and glitches that may be causing the problem.

To do this, find graphics in your game settings and turn it down from ultra to high or medium. If this doesn’t work, try running the game with windowed mode enabled, and then restarting with fullscreen mode enabled.

  1. Try Running The Game In Windowed Mode

If you are having problems with the game crashing, try running it in windowed mode. Open your game library, right-click on Far Cry 4 and select Properties.

In the Properties menu, select the Compatibility tab and check ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for:’ and select Windows 7. Click Apply then OK. You may need to restart your computer after doing this to see if it helps at all.

  1. Disable Any Graphics Mods

The black screen issue is most likely due to a graphics mod. If you have any graphics mods running, try disabling them by doing the following:

  • Locate your Far Cry 4 installation directory. This will be a folder like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FarCry4.
  • In that folder, open up \Mods\ and delete all files within it.
  • Open up \Scripts\ and delete all files within it.

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