3 Ways To Fix Elsword GameGuard Error 110

elsword gameguard error 110
elsword gameguard error 110

Elsword is a popular MMORPG that is a bit unique compared to most other games that players will find in the genre, at least out of the more famous options. Rather than being a 2D MMORPG or 3D one, Elsword combines elements from both to form a 2.5D MMORPG which is also a side-scroller based around anime/manga style characters as well as combat.

It’s a fun game to try out, but only when it actually launches in the first place. Problems such as the Elsword GameGuard error 110 can prevent the game from launching, so here’s how to fix this specific error and those similar to it.

How to Solve Elsword GameGuard Error 110

  1. Close GameGuard

Whenever players try to launch Elsword with GameGuard already running in the background, there are sure to be a few problems at launch such as this one. That’s because the game opens up another accompanying GameGuard process of its own. When the new process and the one already in the background run together at the same time, there are conflictions that result in crashes at launch.

These can easily be solved by making the most out of the task manager. There are a couple of different ways to open said task manager, with the easiest of them all just being users right-clicking on the taskbar. There will be an option labeled as just “task manager”. Click on this and the software will launch. Locate any GameGuard processes from here and right-click on them to close them all. Relaunch the game afterward and it’ll start without further problems.

  1. Delete GameGuard Files

Another solution is one that requires users to simply get rid of most files related to GameGuard on their PC, or at least the GameGuard.des file which should be somewhere in the game’s installation folder. Once located, simply delete this file permanently and then try to start Elsword again through the launcher.

The launcher has a feature that automatically lets it scan every file related to the game. This is a great thing as it also allows the launcher to locate any missing files, including the one that users just deleted if they followed the previously mentioned instructions. Once deemed missing, Elsword will reinstall the deleted file and the game will launch properly, permanently fixing any problems.

  1. Contact Support

If the previously listed solutions didn’t work either, then it’s plausible that there are some other issues that Elsword’s support team will be able to help with more by identifying the exact issue. Contact them and tell them everything. They’ll likely ask for certain files and more information of the sort, including different types of log files.

This should all be easy enough to go through since the support team member will guide you through each step. Once done, they’ll also tell users when the problem has finally been solved and they can try playing again.

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