Destiny 2 Clan Rewards Are Not Working? Try These 5 Fixes

destiny 2 clan rewards not working
destiny 2 clan rewards not working

If you’re having problems claiming the clan prizes you’ve earned in Destiny 2, you’re not the only one! There have been many reports of gamers obtaining the error message. If you attempt to collect your awards, you will find that the clan you are seeking for does not exist, or you will get no benefits at all.

However, there are a few simple measures that you can do to remedy this issue so that you may begin collecting clan awards as quickly as possible in Destiny 2! Let’s get started right away on figuring out how to fix this problem across all platforms!

Destiny 2 Clan Rewards Not Working Fix:

1. Clan Rewards Didn’t Unlock Eververse Crate

Every time you level up and receive Clan Rewards, the Eververse Vendor should give you an Eververse Crate. However, if this doesn’t happen, you will need to unlock the crate from your inventory. You can do this by visiting Tess at the Tower. Once there, go to ‘Special Orders’ on her menu and then select ‘Unlock with Silver’.

If you don’t have enough silver, ask a friend for help or buy some more using real money. Now that the crate is unlocked, find the same gear as before and return to Tess to collect your new loot! In order to get it again, make sure you’re leveling up each week and getting new crates from the vendor.

2. Clan Rewards Are Labeled As On Hold

Make sure you haven’t logged out of the game before the 15-minute timer is up or the Clan Rewards will be on hold. If you need to exit, that’s fine but make sure you log back in and claim them as soon as possible. Lastly, if you’re still seeing a notification that your Clan Rewards are on hold after claiming them from your Director, simply power down the PlayStation 4 and start it back up again. After logging back into Destiny 2, visit the Tower and claim your Clan Rewards once more. You should now see that they’ve been removed from being on hold.

3. The Vault Is Needed To Access Certain Items.

The third reason that you may not be able to see all of the items on the list is that you’re missing some or all of them. This problem can be remedied by going into your Vault and looting the ones that aren’t there yet. If they are still unavailable, make sure that your character has unlocked them first (such as raid bosses) before using the Exotic engrams option at the postmaster.

4. Clan Engram Opened, However Rewards Are Missing

If you find that Clan Rewards are still missing after opening the Clan Engram, the reason for this is that only the individual player who earns them will be able to view them. If other players need these items, their names must be put on an approved list before they can earn them.

5. If You Still Can’t Access Your Clan Reward, Try These Things (S)

If you’re still struggling with access to Clan Rewards after completing all these steps, try clearing your system cache (on PC) and/or reinstalling the game. If that doesn’t work, feel free to reach out on Bungie Help or post on our Community Forum.

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