5 Effective Brawlhalla Frame Fix To Try

brawlhalla frame fix
brawlhalla frame fix

When you play Brawlhalla on your PC, there’s one issue that may come up from time to time: frame drops. Frame drops can occur at any time and cause you to have an increased chance of getting ganked and/or running into invisible walls.

While the game plays smoothly most of the time, frame drops can happen when more players are in the match or while fighting with high-level characters. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to fix Brawlhalla frame drops so you can get back to brawling with the best of them!

Brawlhalla Frame Fix

  1. Reset Your Router

There are several things you can do when faced with an issue, but the easiest one is restarting your router. It is likely that a simple power cycle of your device will solve your problem. Here’s how to restart your router, even if it’s not wifi: unplug the power cord from the back of the router, then wait five seconds and plug it back in.

  1. Close Unnecessary Background Applications

Sometimes a third-party program is interfering with your system’s performance. If you’re still having problems after following the steps above, close all other applications that are open on your computer except for Brawlhalla.

Reopen Brawlhalla and attempt to reconnect. Ensure there are no other programs running in the background by checking your Task Manager (press Ctrl+Alt+Delete).  Close any unneeded programs and retry connecting to brawlhalla. Close any unneeded programs before opening brawlhalla again.

  1. Update Graphic Card Drivers

As the brawlhalla frame fix issue can be a hardware-related issue, updating your graphics card drivers is one of the first things you want to do. Even if the latest drivers are installed, it’s always a good idea to manually check for updates using Device Manager. The next thing you want to do is make sure that none of your hardware devices are overclocked. If they are, lower them by following these steps:

First, find out what CPU model your computer has by going into Control Panel > System > Hardware & Security > System Information. Next go into BIOS settings (usually accessed by pressing Delete or F2 on boot) and disable overclocking from within there. Once you’ve done this you should reboot back into Windows. Finally, restart Brawlhalla and see if the brawlhalla frame fix issue persists.

  1. Test Server Response Time

The game’s frames drop below 30, then the gameplay can become choppy and laggy. The quickest way to test this is by recording your screen at 60 fps, and then playing it back at 30 fps. Once the recorded footage plays smoothly for about 10 seconds without frame drop, it means you have resolved the issue.

  1. Change Video Settings

It is always possible that Brawlhalla frame fix issue could be caused by the player’s own video settings. This can be fixed by simply adjusting the player’s display resolution, antialiasing, or graphics quality. If the problem persists after following this step, it is time to find a different method of addressing the issue.

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