3 Ways To Fix DayZ Memory Error

dayz memory error
dayz memory error

DayZ is a survival game in which you need to use different materials around you to progress through the game. There are different interactions in the game and you need to track the infected to minimize the risk to your player. You will make less noise when you don’t have your shoes on. However, that can damage your feet so make sure not to roam without shoes for longer periods.

A few players have pointed out that they keep getting memory errors after they close the game. For some players, the error showed up during the gameplay and their game will crash or glitch out. If you’re having similar issues with DayZ then these steps can help you.

How to Fix DayZ Memory Error?

  1. Upgrade Memory

One of the most common reasons why your game keeps glitching out is limited memory. There is not enough memory available for the game to function properly which is why you keep running into this problem. To be sure, you can keep the task manager working in the background and as soon as the game crashes, you should look at the performance charts.

If memory usage was above 90 percent, then that is likely why your game keeps crashing when you try to play it. To fix this, you should upgrade your memory sticks and then try playing the game again.

You can also upload your system specifications on online forums and ask other players about the error. That way they can take a look at your specifications and point you in the right direction. However, if you believe that you have enough memory on your PC then you need to look at other programs on your PC.

There is a possibility that some other programs are hogging up all the memory and there is limited memory available for your game to work properly. Terminate any unnecessary program from the task manager and then try playing again.

  1. Check Mods

There were a lot of cases where users with mods installed were unable to play the game because of the memory issue. There is a chance that the mods are putting an unnecessary burden on your PC which is why you keep crashing. The best way to get around this error would be to remove the mods from your game and then try launching the vanilla files.

That way the excess burden will be lifted and your PC will be able to handle the game more effectively. If the game starts working properly then you will be sure that faulty mods are causing issues for you.

However, if you want to play with mods then you will need to wait for an update for the mod or upgrade your PC. You can also try looking at different YouTube tutorials to maximize the performance of your PC and then install the mods again on your PC.

Other than that, you have no options left and you need to stick to the Vanilla game until you upgrade your PC, or find a more optimized mod that can be used on your PC without affecting your game.

  1. Reinstall Drivers

If you don’t have mods on your game and are still having the memory issue then you can try reinstalling your GPU drivers as well as the DirectX to fix the memory problem. Clear the cache files and free up the memory on your PC. Make sure to free up as much memory as you can for the game to function properly.

A few general steps like reinstalling the game files or validating them from the steam client can also fix the memory issue. The possibility of corrupted files is always there, which can be fixed by reinstalling the game.

You can also bring down all the graphics settings in your game to ease the burden on your PC. Tweaking configuration files and following optimization tutorials can potentially help you get around the memory error.

However, if you can’t fix your game after trying every troubleshooting step that you could find, then you need to reach out to the game support. Tell them about the memory error along with your system specifications. That way they can guide you on how to fix the memory error on your PC.

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