Does Avast Affect Gaming? (Explained)

Whenever you try to play games, you’ll obviously want to get the best experience that you can possibly enjoy. This means that you’ll want the best possible connection speeds and frame rate that you can get. However, this isn’t possible some of the time due to the fact that there are multiple different applications on … Read more

Laptop Stops Charging When Gaming: 3 Fixes

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Why Is My Gaming Headset Not Recognized? 4 Fixes

Sometimes when you connect your gaming headphones to a PC it may give you an alert saying windows don’t recognize your headphones. It’s quite a frustrating thing to experience. Here are a few tips for fixing the problem: 1) Checking your ports Hardware issues can sometimes lead to this problem. Check where you have inserted … Read more

How Do You Become A Successful Gaming Youtuber?

The gaming industry is estimated to be worth over 90 billion dollars by the end of 2020. A lot of it is games but a little portion of it comes from eSports, streaming, and YouTube. Although that portion may be small it still is a lot of money. In 2020 Fortnite awarded 40 million dollars … Read more