Why Do Gaming Laptops Have Bad Battery Life? Explained

why do gaming laptops have bad battery life
why do gaming laptops have bad battery life

We all love video games, right? From our childhood, we are seeing those gaming consoles such as Playstation1 and my personal favorite SEGA. But we have moved way ahead of that time and now we have much better options with enhanced graphics and 3D gameplay on these games. There are too many gaming options that one can go for today.

Even the smartphones these days have high processing powers and GPU to support any high-end games but there are gamers who prefer consoles and PC gaming experience any day over a mobile game. PC gaming is considered the cream of the crop as you have the liberty to customize the preferences such as FPS, Resolution, and play any game that you want on it.

But what if you want to have the best of both worlds, that is being made possible by these gaming laptops that are equipped with the most powerful hardware resources but instead of a desktop, you get to carry a laptop with you so you can have the gaming experience that you love, anywhere you want. These gaming laptops provide you the same gaming experience as a gaming PC but with portability.

Why Do Gaming Laptops Have Bad Battery Life?

You might have noticed that you are getting a lot less battery time on your gaming laptop than your regular laptop. That is noticeable as you can get around 50% decreased battery time and sometimes even more than that. There is nothing to be worried about as it is pretty normal and here is why

More Processing Power

Gaming laptops have more processing power than your regular laptops, these laptops are also consuming all their processing power when you are using them for gaming so there are no caps or battery optimization settings in place. This will eventually lead you to lose a lot more percentage on your battery pretty fast. This is a cost you must pay for portability. The logic behind this is simple enough. The more processing power your application is consuming from your PC, the more battery it will use to make it work.

Better GPU

Gaming laptops have far more advanced and better GPU than you can get on your regular PCs. These GPU on gaming laptops are as powerful as you can get on your gaming PCs but with an edge of portability on them so you can carry your laptop around. A better GPU means that you are going to consume a lot more electric power for it to work. This will drain your battery much faster than it would on normal usage or if you are using a regular laptop.

To reduce the battery consumption, you can limit your FPS or lower down the resolution but that would kill the fun and vibes of running a gaming PC. So, you might have to compromise on the battery life on your Gaming laptop if you are using it for gaming on a high resolution with maximum FPS.

Enhanced Display

Gaming Laptops have enhanced displays that are not being offered in your regular laptops. It would not be an exaggeration to say that your display consumes most of the electrical power on your laptop. If you have a gaming laptop, you will enjoy better screen size with enhanced resolution, more FPS and better refresh rate. All these collectively will cost you more battery power and you will end up draining your battery faster than you would. There are also settings that would allow you to control all these and limit them to improve your battery timing but that wouldn’t give you the optimal gaming experience that your gaming laptop is capable of.

Battery Capacity

Gaming laptops usually come with improved battery capacity than you can get on your regular laptops. However, this might still not be enough for you if you are a high-end gamer and playing some of the latest titles. If you want to have hours-long gaming experience on your gaming laptop, you can always upgrade your laptop’s battery with one having better battery capacity so you can enjoy your gaming without any interruptions or worries. Or, you can choose to simply plug-in your laptop and have the best possible gaming experience.

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