Does Avast Affect Gaming? (Explained)

does avast affect gaming
does avast affect gaming

Whenever you try to play games, you’ll obviously want to get the best experience that you can possibly enjoy. This means that you’ll want the best possible connection speeds and frame rate that you can get. However, this isn’t possible some of the time due to the fact that there are multiple different applications on each user’s device that could ruin their gaming experience.

Many applications are known to cause errors with games. There are even some specific applications that only affect a specific game. These applications affect your CPU performance because of any overlays, or by eating up all your RAM which will obviously disturb you when you try to play games on your device. Avast Antivirus is one of the many applications that is believed by most to affect a CPUs performance during gaming.

What is Avast Antivirus?

Avast Antivirus can simply be defined as a group of programs that keep your computer safe from harm. It is developed by Avast and its software is available for multiple different platforms, including Microsoft Windows. The main goal of Avast Antivirus is to check all the applications stored on your computer for any viruses.

The software also checks most of the applications that you download and access. If it ever detects a virus or malware on any of these programs, it will blacklist them and won’t allow your computer to install them onto the device. In short, it is a helpful little program that keeps players safe while they enjoy using their devices. However, a lot of users believe that Avast Antivirus has some downsides as well, particularly when gaming.

Does Avast Affect Gaming?

Avast is known to hog RAM, especially when it periodically runs it scans in order to check for viruses. Because of this very reason, the software can slightly ruin your gaming experience. Your RAM is arguably the most important part of your CPU, especially if you want to play games.

Without good RAM, you’ll get a terrible frame rate when you try to play the most modern games on your computer. This is also what will happen when Avast eats up all your RAM. But that isn’t all, Avast Antivirus is also known to hog other recourses on your device, such as storage and more. This is a problem with pretty much every Antivirus program out there. This ultimately means that Avast does affect your gaming experience, but not in a good way.

Avast Game Mode

While every antivirus will make your gaming experience slightly worse, Avast is one of the only ones that will also offer a solution. Avast Antivirus provides players with ‘’Game Mode’’, which is a feature used to prioritize all your CPU’s resources for the game that you’re playing. This will actually enhance your gaming experience.


As you can see, Avast does affect gaming on your computer, but that’s nothing to worry about. You can simply use the Avast Game Mode mentioned above to avoid this and make your CPU even more suitable for playing games.

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