Why Are Xname And Determination Needed For Gaming?

why are xname and determination needed for gaming
why are xname and determination needed for gaming

Gamertag is a symbol, an identity a way of life. Sometimes an individual is recognized through his Gamertag, not his real name. But in this day and age is it any different. With virtual reality just around the corner of this century. Is Gamertag just a nickname? A fake persona? Or is it an expression of what an individual truly is? What he wants to be.

Nicknames, everybody has had a nickname at least once throughout their life. Some times it’s just a playful thing. Other times it can be a symbol of hate and terror.

So why does it matter to have an alternative name in the gaming community? Is it because we have grown up assigning names to our in-game avatars? Is it because we want anonymity? Or is it the attention and fame that we truly seek?

Whatever it may be to truly succeed in any sport you have to stand out and having a unique, provocative, memorable name is a must in eSports.

For a casual eSports is a joke. They can’t seem to wrap their heads around how sitting on a chair for 24 hours can be physically and mentally challenging.

Its because they undermine the depression, despair, countless hours of monotonous hard work, the ups and downs, and many other things a player needs to go through to succeed. It takes an ungodly amount of determination to put yourself through the process of becoming an eSports elite.

A strong will and determination are key to success for any sport. How much time can you give to a certain game? are you playing it for fun? Or is it a career-making choice?

Why Are Xname And Determination Needed For Gaming?

To get good at gaming. You have to put in the time. This means days and months of playing the same level, again and again, polishing your skills. Participating in small local competitions. Living on a tight budget. Not knowing if you are going to succeed. Battling obesity and thoughts of suicide. There are a lot of things you have to suffer through to finally get an opportunity to display your worth. It’s not easy work and to truly go through all this suffering you need to have steel-like determination.

So, it’s not just an xname or wasting your time, its a unique identity and a determined will.

There are forty-one thousand five hundred and twenty two Jake’s in the United States. But there is only one Faker. A top league of Legends player who plays for team T1.

That’s how easy it is to identify a person through his Gamertag. In the gaming community, you have to be the only one.

Not only because its easier to identify but it also provides you with a unique persona. Imagine going to a public park filled with people and dancing inside a fountain. Then do the same thing while dressed in a full-body dinosaur outfit. Which one is easier?

A Gamertag allows a gamer to unleash himself. To show a side of his personality that he cannot show otherwise.

From a marketing standpoint, Gamertags and Team names have become a symbol – a brand. Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, penguinz0, DrDisrespect, etc all of them are brands. It’s not I bought the Felix Kjellberg merch. It’s I bought the Pewdiepie merch.

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