7 Days To Die Difficulty Settings Explained (Easy, Medium, Hard, Survivalist, Nightmare)

7 days to die difficulty settings explained
7 days to die difficulty settings explained

7 Days to Die is a popular open-world survival horror video game. The game can be played with a range of difficulty settings, each of which affects the game in a different way.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your 7 Days to Die experience, it’s important to understand the different difficulty settings and how they affect your game.

In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the different difficulty settings and how they impact your game.

7 Days To Die Difficulty Settings Explained

  1. Easy

Playing on the easy difficulty setting of 7 Days to Die can be a great way to ease into the game. The main difference between easy and the other difficulty settings is that zombies are weaker and less plentiful, making it easier for players to survive. Additionally, there is more loot available and enemy AI is less aggressive.

The biggest advantage of playing on easy is that players have more time to explore the world and familiarize themselves with the game mechanics.

This gives them a better understanding of how to survive in this harsh post-apocalyptic environment. Additionally, players can focus on upgrading their gear and building their base without having to worry about getting overwhelmed by waves of zombie attacks.

  1. Medium

The medium difficulty setting in 7 Days to Die is a great place to start for experienced players looking for a challenge.

This setting is a step up from the beginner level and adds more enemies, tougher creatures, and other threats. You’ll also have to worry about scavenging for supplies and resources more than ever before.

In this setting, the days will be longer, with each night lasting around ten minutes. You’ll also find that the world is larger and filled with more enemies.

Zombies can now travel in packs, so expect to see them coming at you in large numbers. You’ll also find that some of the tougher creatures are now out in the world, such as Bloaters and Ferals. These creatures are harder to kill and require more effort to take down.

Scavenging is even more important in this setting, as you’ll need to search for food, resources, and ammo regularly. You’ll find that these items are more spread out, so it’ll take some extra effort to locate them. Be sure to look in all possible areas and keep an eye out for possible loot caches.

  1. Hard

When it comes to difficulty settings in 7 Days to Die, Hard is the toughest of all. This setting will throw everything at you and put your skills to the test.

You’ll have to deal with tougher enemies, more dangerous weather conditions, and more scarce resources. On top of that, zombies will move faster and become more numerous as time passes.

The upside of playing on Hard is that you’ll get better loot when scavenging, as well as increased experience for completing quests and killing zombies. This should give you an incentive to continue playing on this setting and make progress in the game.

Bring plenty of food, water, and medical supplies in case you get injured or become ill. And don’t forget to carry weapons and armor to protect yourself against the zombie hordes.

  1. Survivalist

If you’ve ever played 7 Days to Die, you know it can be a daunting game. The world is filled with danger, and you have to scavenge for resources, build a base, and survive the hordes of zombies that come at you each night.

To make it even more challenging, there are several difficulty settings available that can drastically change the way you play the game.

The Survivalist difficulty setting is one of the toughest levels in 7 Days to Die. This mode increases the zombie spawn rate and makes them much harder to take down.

Zombies will move faster, have more health, and cause more damage than on other difficulty settings. Additionally, resource scarcity is higher, meaning food and other materials are much harder to come by.

  1. Nightmare

The highest difficulty setting in 7 Days to Die is Nightmare. In this mode, the game will become incredibly difficult, with enemies more powerful than ever before.

Zombies will move faster, hit harder, and become more resilient to damage. Their numbers will also be greatly increased, making them more of a threat.

Additionally, human NPC’s can now spawn randomly throughout the world, and they too will be tougher than normal. They will be armed with weapons and armor that can challenge even the most experienced players.

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