Haunt Chaser vs Phasmophobia – What’s The Difference?

haunt chaser vs phasmophobia
haunt chaser vs phasmophobia

Both Haunt Chaser and Phasmophobia are enjoyable and well-known virtual reality games, but if you’re curious about which one is superior, you’ll be pleased to learn that the answer relies on your own preferences and choices in the matter of entertainment.

Check out our comparison guide between Phasmophobia and Haunt Chaser to see which of these two games will be more enjoyable for you to play.

Haunt Chaser vs Phasmophobia Comparison

  1. The Controls

The first difference between these two games is how they’re controlled. Haunt chaser has a keyboard and mouse setup, while phasmophobia has Xbox one and PS4 controllers.

The controls are simpler in haunt chaser, with just one button to activate your flashlight and another to interact with things you find while hunting for ghosts.

In contrast, in phasmophobia you have to deal with right and left trigger buttons on your controller in addition to an analog stick.

  1. The Objects of The Game

It might seem obvious to some, but it’s worth noting that Haunt Chaser is very much alike Phasmophobia and Phasmophobia is the main game which introduced Coop hunting ghosts. The main difference between the two boils down to replay value.

While Haunt Chaser can be played by multiple people with different outcomes, Phasmophobia can also be played by more than one person at a time.

However, this doesn’t make either of them more or less appealing than the other as games go. Haunt Chaser has its charm for being a unique game in its own way.

Whereas Phasmophobia appeals to those who are turned off by the idea of ghosts in real life and provides true-to-life feelings.

  1. Points System

Haunt Chaser vs Phasmophobia game are two different experiences. Haunt Chaser is a game where players must escape from a haunted house, while Phasmophobia is a game where players must survive in an abandoned hospital.

The similarities between these two games are that they both take place in a dark setting.

One of the differences between these games is that Haunt Chaser’s goal is to escape from a haunted house and Phasmophobia’s goal is to survive in an abandoned hospital.

Another difference is that players have points in haunt chaser whereas there are no points for phasmophobia.

Points can be used for purchases such as weapons, healing items, traps, etc. If a player does not make it out alive by escaping or running out of time, then all their points will be lost and not carried over to the next game.

The Gameplay Differences

Haunt Chaser: In this game, players must avoid being caught and killed by ghosts. The player who manages to survive for a certain amount of time wins.

Phasmophobia: In this game, players are tasked with killing ghosts before they catch and kill them. The first player to reach a certain number of kills wins.

Players can set their own pace in both modes, so it’s up to you whether you prefer the intensity of Haunt Chaser or the strategy that goes into Phasmophobia.

You’ll also have access to different difficulty settings in each mode that make gameplay even more interesting.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a great new horror-themed game on Steam, be sure not to miss either haunt chaser or phasmophobia!

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