Can You Use Turtle Beach Recon 200 Without Charging? (Answered)

can you use turtle beach recon 200 without charging
can you use turtle beach recon 200 without charging

The Turtle Beach Recon 200 is a sophisticated over-ear wired gaming headphone. They are easy to use and very comfortable although they do not have the best build quality. They have a high Bass Boost feature and result in bass-heavy sound if compared to other gaming headphones. They have a gamer-centric look with proper padding around the ear cups.

On the contrary, they are compatible with all the consoles, be that is PC, thus, making it a versatile choice for gamers who want to experience it on multiple systems. However, most people ask: Can you use Turtle Beach Recon 200 without charging? This is discussed in this article below with a proper explanation that why it requires charging.

Can You Use Turtle Beach Recon 200 Without Charging?

The Turtle Beach Recon 200 does require charging, although there is a rechargeable battery in the headset. These rechargeable batteries can be charged easy easily they are drained. Now why rechargeable batteries are needed for wired headsets? It is because this rechargeable battery is not enough to meet the needs of the headset and to keep it charged.

Therefore, charging is essential. Moreover, the problem is that the controller does not give enough power to the headset to run it properly and because of the high Bass Boost, it requires a battery. The Bass Boost requires more energy and thus, the energy drains easily. Therefore, you can charge it by using the USB Charge Cable with your PS4 console.

Why Do Wired Headphones Need Batteries?

Some of the wired headphones use passive speakers; these speakers use passive electronic devices that require DC (Direct Current). This demand for DC creates the need for batteries. Therefore, when batteries are added to the headsets they provide the users with better results. Thus, better sound quality is generated and results in the cancellation of noise with some other benefits. The batteries normally used in wired headphones are usually AA or AAA batteries. Normally rechargeable batteries are used in such headsets. Furthermore, when noise cancellation headphones are used then the battery life remains comparatively longer usually lasting from eighteen to thirty hours per charge.

Batteries are also essential for additional features that are used in the headsets. So, the headphones are not just powered by the device that they are plugged into but are also powered by the batteries. The only good point in wired headphones is the availability of backup power from the batteries that are not available in wireless headphones. Therefore, batteries are required for many purposes.

Why Does Turtle Beach Recon 200 Require Charging From Time to Time?

These headsets require charging from time to time because the Bass Boost is high. Bass Boost gives high quality to songs, movies, videos, and other sounds. This is done by giving more gain to low frequencies. To get these selective filter circuits are used, which helps in applying more gain to low frequencies. Therefore, it is superb for enjoying the deep rumble of intense gameplay. Hence, because of the high Bass Boost, it consumes more power and so requires charging from time to time. Furthermore, they take some time to charge which is a drawback.

The Bottom Line:

Wondering whether you can use Turtle Beach Recon 200 without charging? For the short answer, these headsets can be used with rechargeable batteries. Even though these are wired headsets, there are still some features that require you to charge the headset so that they can work without any issues.

Similarly, if you wish to learn more about this, be sure to refer to the article above. We have listed everything that you will need to know regarding the headset and why it needs to be charged in the first place. So, be sure to go through all the details that have been listed. Also in case of any confusion, just leave down a comment.

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