“Roblox Script Works In Studio But Not In Game” (5 Fixes To Try)

roblox script works in studio but not in game
roblox script works in studio but not in game

Building games and worlds in Roblox is very entertaining and amusing for an individual. You can add scripts to your Roblox Studio and build whatever you can imagine. It’s the ultimate way of building a fun little game, with limitless possibilities. With that said, some people find it difficult to integrate into the actual Roblox game. One of the most common issues with scripting in this game, of which is that the script works perfectly fine in the Roblox studio but does not work in the game. In this troubleshooting guide, we’re going over some possible fixes to this problem.

Roblox Script Works In Studio But Not In Game Fix

The scripts in Roblox Studio often have some things in them relating to the coding part that stops them from working on the actual game server. Users tend to use scripts on their client-server, so they think it should work on the actual Roblox server. But the reality is different. There could be countless reasons why the script isn’t working in the game, but we’re going over some of the most common fixes and troubleshooting tips to help sort this problem.

Fix 1:

Recently, Discord has made some changes to its game integration and connection. Most of the time, the Roblox studio also gets the connection, so the scripts are blocked by Discord. This is certainly related to Discord’s recent denial of Roblox queries after those requests were identified as a DDoS attempt owing to users spamming webhooks. So, close the Discord through Task Manager and then try running the scripts in the game.

Fix 2:

Sometimes, developers tend to forget that they have to publish it for that script to work in the game. If not already, just try pressing ALT + P to publish it if you haven’t already. This usually fixes the problem and has been reported by many users as the main cause of their dilemma.

Fix 3:

The server is Roblox’s computer, while the client is the player’s computer. Normal scripts can only look at items that are on the server, and where they are present. Only the client has access to local scripts. Only the client has access to the object PlayerScripts. Because PlayerScripts are not present on the server, your standard script cannot access them.

Fix 4:

Sometimes, developers have their ‘EnableFiltering’ option turned on, which can interfere with the LocalScript and their script. In that situation, you would have to instruct the server to make such modifications on your behalf rather than modify things with LocalScripts. You must mostly rewrite your code when filtering is enabled. Because Filtering Enabled does not apply in studio play mode, your scripts run in the studio mode.

Fix 5:

This fix is probably the most effective fix to all of your problems. I have tried many suggestions that didn’t work at all, but only this one did. To communicate between the client and server, you must utilize remote events and functions. Between server and client, some items are not replicated.

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