3 Methods To Solve Phasmophobia Not Picking Up Voice

phasmophobia not picking up voice
phasmophobia not picking up voice

Though it has quickly risen to the top of the app store charts, the absence of audio options in Phasmophobia has drawn some criticism.

Read on for our troubleshooting guide to fix phasmophobia not picking up voice, if you’re having similar problems.

Even if voice chat is functional, there is no speech recognition problem, which has been noted by the vast majority of players lately.

You’re one of the lucky ones if you are. Follow the steps in this troubleshooting guide to resolve the issue. But before we get into the solution, let’s find out why Phasmophobia voice chat isn’t functioning.

Fixing Phasmophobia Not Picking Up Voice:

  1. Why Isn’t It Picking Up?

The Phasmophobia not picking up audio might be due to a number of factors. The following is a list of potential reasons for this error.

  • The Phasmophobia microphone was likely not set as the default configuration.
  • The video game is not present on the main hard disk.
  • Poor quality audio due to a broken, outdated, or corrupt driver.
  • The version of Windows you’re using is no longer supported.
  • The option to use the exclusive mode or upgrades is active.
  • A restriction has been placed on the microphone’s usage by the Phasmophobia app.
  • Steam is not being operated in an administrative capacity.

Now that we’ve identified the root causes, we can go on to troubleshooting the Phobophobia voice chat functioning but voice not detected problem. We’ll also detail how to use Advanced Driver Updater to do such automated driver upgrades.

  1. Reset Your Network Adapter

In-game microphones often experience interference due to network troubles. Therefore, we will first attempt to reset the network settings to see whether it resolves the issue with the voice chat on Phasmophobia. In order to find out how to achieve it, please refer to the following instructions:

  • First, use the Windows search box to look for “Network Reset” and then click on the result that best matches your needs.
  • To proceed to Step 2, choose Reset Now from the Network reset popup.
  • Third, after the procedure is finished, restart the computer to permanently apply the new settings.

The problem should now be resolved; try playing Phasmophobia to verify. Go on to the next stage if you’re still having trouble with it.

  1. Correctly Make Phasmophobia Access The Microphone

The Phasmophobia mic not functioning problem appears when the app is unable to access the microphone. Therefore, allowing access to the microphone is required to resolve the issue. This is how you can achieve that goal:

  • The first thing you need to do is hit the Windows key plus R to bring up the Run dialog box.
  • Second, after clicking the OK button, type ms-settings: privacy-microphone.
  • Second, under the section labeled “Allow applications access to your microphone,” toggle the button to the left.
  • Third, provide permission for Phasmophobia to use the microphone in the applications menu.
  • The fourth step is to restart the computer and test the Phasmophobia microphone. There is no need to worry if the problem remains, since we have backup solutions.

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