5 Steps To Fixing New World Crashing on Loading Screen

new world crashing on loading screen
new world crashing on loading screen

New World game, which has been one of the most eagerly awaited releases, is now in theaters.

But if players attempt to lose themselves in this fresh new MMORPG, they will discover that they are met by constant crashing either at the beginning of the game or while they are playing it.

In some instances, it will result in a Fatal Error, but in the vast majority of circumstances, there will be no warning at all.

Should it turn out that you are one of them, there is no need for alarm. The following are some tested and proven solutions that may be able to rescue your game without causing irreparable damage to your graphics card.

Fixing New World Crashing on Loading Screen

  1. Update GPU Drivers

The recurrent collisions may point to a problem with the driver. In other words, it’s possible that the graphics driver you’re running is either broken or out of current.

If you want the finest performance possible in the game, you need constantly make sure that your driver is up to current. This is particularly true when working with brand new titles like New World.

Both NVIDIA and AMD have already provided the GPU driver that is compatible with New World before the official release date. Instructions for the upgrade may be found below.

You have the option to manually upgrade your graphics driver by going to the website of the manufacturer (NVIDIA or AMD), locating the most recent version of the right installer, and installing it step-by-step.

  1. Tweak In-Game Visual Settings

Several gamers have stated that disabling certain visual settings was the only thing that stopped the game from crashing for them. You may give the following a go and see how things turn out:

Release the New World. To access the settings menu, locate the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Choose Visuals from the submenu on the left. Then you should adjust the Object details to High or a lower value.

You may now play the game and see whether the crashing continues. If adjusting the graphics settings does not resolve the issue, go to the next possible solution below.

  1. Verify The Integrity Of Game Files On Steam

AAA games are often rather huge, making them more susceptible to crashing in the event that any of their game files are either missing or damaged.

Verifying the integrity of your game files is something that has to be done in order to guarantee that the data is complete and up to date.

Launch the Steam client and go to the LIBRARY menu. Select “Properties” from the context menu after right-clicking on “New World.”

Choose LOCAL FILES from the list of options in the left window. After that, choose the option to check the game’s file integrity.

Please wait while the checking is completed. After that, you may start New World and check to see if the game freezes up again. If you are still experiencing issues, go to the next suggested solution below.

  1. Completely Uninstall and Reinstall The Game

There are a few different solutions to the crashing that you may attempt if you are playing on a personal computer.

It is possible to remove the game entirely from your computer and then reinstall it. You may also try clearing the cache on your computer by completing these steps in the appropriate order:

  • Hold down the Windows Key and press R.
  • Enter “msconfig” without the quotation marks.
  • Navigate to the General tab.
  • Choose either Regular or Recommended, then click the Apply button.
  • Restart computer
  1. Delete AppData Files

During the process of confirming the file’s integrity, the damaged file doesn’t always get removed as expected. At that point, you will need to manually delete those files that have been corrupted. Delete Appdata by following these simple steps:

  • To activate the Run menu, press the Win key plus the R key.
  • Enter “%appdata%” followed by “Ok.”
  • appdata
  • Proceed to AGS > New World in your browser.
  • Delete the savedata folder and user preload settings file.

In most cases, there is a possibility that these files will get corrupted. If you restart your game after deleting those files, the issue of the game crashing on starting up in New World should be resolved.

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