5 Ways To Fix Lost Ark Window Not Showing

lost ark window not showing
lost ark window not showing

When you first start playing Ark: Survival Evolved, it can be easy to get frustrated if the window doesn’t appear correctly at first. However, you’ll need to remember that this game was made by an independent studio rather than a major publisher, and as such there are some quirks with the way the game works that may not be immediately obvious to you, especially if you’re new to PC gaming in general. The first thing to do if your lost ark window isn’t showing is try running the game in fullscreen mode by pressing ALT+ENTER; if that doesn’t work, read on!

Fixing Lost Ark Window Not Showing:

  1. Check whether starting the game in Windowed mode makes a difference.

The fullscreen mode of the game’s display might sometimes trigger a number of technical difficulties when played on a machine with only ordinary hardware specifications.

  • Fire up your Steam client, and go to the library.
  • Use the right mouse button to choose Lost ARK’s properties.
  • To modify the default launch settings, go to the Settings tab and choose Set Launch Options.
  • Then, paste this argument onto the command line:
  • -noborders -windows

After making any necessary adjustments, save your work and restart Lost ARK to see whether it launches without any problems.

  1. Do a Clean Restart
  • To bring up the Run dialog box, use the Windows key plus R.
  • Now, press Enter after typing msconfig to bring up the System Preferences dialog.
  • To hide all Microsoft services, choose the checkbox and then the Services tab.
  • Select Turn off all, then.
  • To commit your changes, choose Apply then OK.
  • Go ahead and open the Task Manager by going to the Startup menu.
  • Select the desired tasks that you don’t want to run at startup and then click the Disable button under the Startup tab in Task Manager.
  • You should choose the most important starting applications and turn them off one by one.
  • When you are finished making changes, you must restart your computer.
  • Finally, test to see whether the PC version of Lost ARK still won’t launch.
  1. Launch the game as an Administrator
  • Launch ARK as an Administrator
  • In Task Manager, right-click on ARK.exe and select Run as administrator
  • Right-click on Desktop (create shortcut) and select Properties > hit Shortcut tab > type in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGame.Exe -m true –executable -console ShooterGame.exe ShooterGame.ini ShooterDefs.ini ShooterInput.ini GFXConfig=GFX_MyCustomResolution_1080p @60fps Click Apply > Next> Finish.

Repeat for any other shortcuts you have created. The game should now start with a black screen before the menu loads up. Close out of this menu after confirming that everything is working properly before proceeding with gameplay!

5. Reinstall the Game

Reinstalling Lost ARK may be necessary if none of the aforementioned solutions have worked for you. So as to:

  • Get the Steam client going on your machine.
  • Select the Lost ARK game in the library, then select “Right-click” to continue.
  • Choose Uninstall in the Control Panel.
  • When asked, choose Uninstall once again, and then follow the on-screen directions to remove the program.
  • Afterwards, a restart of the machine is required for the modifications to take effect.
  • Launch the Steam client once again, log in with your current Steam account, and reinstall the game.

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