4 Solutions To Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 Not on Disc

life is strange 2 episode 5 not on disc
life is strange 2 episode 5 not on disc

Life is Strange 2 got released in September 2018 and, ever since then, has been among some of the most popularly played games. Although it is a well-designed game, a few issues regarding the 5th episode have been observed.

Most users claim that the disc allows no access to the 5th episode, which is unfortunately true. The reason behind this glitch is that the 5th episode was not entirely prepared when the disc was being printed. Another reason for the 5th episode not being on the disc is the lack of space.

As frustrating as this is, it seems the issue is at the developer’s end. But before you lose heart, mentioned below is a list of a few things that might be helpful.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 Not on Disc Fix:

1. Rent a Game

As old school as this may sound, renting a game is a good solution in this case. Most users can’t access the second episode on the disc because it’s not uploaded there. You can do a few things to continue playing, and the most feasible option is renting the game.

Although the game renting culture has significantly reduced over the years, you’ll still manage to find a few local libraries that still rent games. You can conveniently get any play on your PS4 or PS5. With only one condition being that game should have a disc version. In this case, you’re lucky because you can quickly get the recovered disc version of episode 5.

2. Wait for an Update

Updates are essential for smoothly running a system and tend to fix any lags in the gaming experience. So, it is necessary never to delay updates and update the firmware as early as possible.

After an update, there are a few chances that the 5th episode may start playing. The game developers are dedicated to fixing this issue, and it seems like it will get fixed sooner than we know.

3. Transfer the Game Using an External Hard Drive

If a firmware update doesn’t seem to fix the issue, another interesting thing you can do is to transfer the game. Most users with a PS5 have complained of failure to run the 5th episode. However, if you have a PS4, consider installing the game and transferring it to a PS5 using an external hard drive.

Once the game is transferred to a PS5, chances are the 5th episode may start opening on your system

4. Use the given code

The game developers have claimed to provide a utility code with each disc. The programmers were well aware of this glitch and tried to accommodate their customers.

The code allows you to access the 5th episode online. If you purchased your disc from a reliable seller, the code might lie somewhere.

Some Goodnews!!!!

Since many users complained of their inability to access the game, the developers seriously decided to work on it. All the new discs sold recently have the issue fixed, and the 5th episode is now easily accessible.

Users can now download the 5th episode online if they’ve purchased an outdated disc.

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