Troubleshooting the League of Legends Audio Crackle

League of Legends Audio Crackle
League of Legends Audio Crackle

League of Legends is a highly competitive and intense multiplayer online battle arena game focusing on team-based combat. It’s got some highly unique gameplay features and great variety in gameplay. But, not everything about the game is perfect. For example, there are certain issues that players can run into while playing it. The audio crackle problem is one of those problems that is reported by the users. For this reason, we will be using this article to discuss possible causes for the League of Legends audio crackle problem, along with solutions.

Troubleshooting the League of Legends Audio Crackle

1. Audio Channel

To troubleshoot the crackling audio problem in League of Legends it is necessary to use a proper audio channel. It is because, if you use a channel that is not recommended for this game then it can cause the crackling sound problem to pop up. Therefore, to fix this problem use a proper audio channel that is recommended by the developers for this game.

2. Drivers

On the other hand, if you are using software that is not reliable to update the sound drivers then it can contribute to this problem. Thus, if you run into this problem then update the drivers from reliable software to fix this issue.

3. System

Aside from the drivers, the crackling sound in the game can also show up if the system files are corrupt. In this case, all that has to be done is to reinstall the system files or reboot the software. As a result of doing this, the crackling sound problem will be fixed.

4. CMD

The crackling sound problem can also be fixed by running a system scan. You can run a system scan by attempting the following steps

  1. Go to the start menu
  2. Enter CMD
  3. Right-click on it
  4. Run it as an administrator
  5. Type SFC/scannow

As a result of doing this, the system will troubleshoot all the bugs and glitches and the crackling sound problem will be fixed.

5. Hardware Issue

Furthermore, you can also run into this trouble if the hardware or device you are using for the audio is defective. Therefore, use another device for audio and if you do not hear any crackling noise then the audio device you were using was faulty. In this case, replace the audio device and the problem will be fixed.

6. Software Glitch

The crackling sound problem in the League of Legends can also show up if there is a glitch in the software. Thus, re-boot the system to troubleshoot the crackling sound problem.


If you play League of Legends and ran into the crackling sound problem then attempt all the steps given above to troubleshoot this problem easily. If even the methods that we listed here are not able to help you, then we recommend you try to reach the game’s support team so they can tell you more.

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