5 Things To Know About Fallout 76 Error Code 471

fallout 76 error code 471
fallout 76 error code 471

According to a number of discussions posted on both Bethesda’s support sites and Reddit, gamers of Fallout 76 are experiencing problems with the most recent update.

Error number 471 displays for users whenever they attempt to access the game or launch it, but there has been no official comment on what caused the problem or if there are any patches available as of yet.

Since its debut on November 14, gamers have experienced numerous crashes, and some have even called the game unplayable.

This is not the first time that Fallout 76 has had launch difficulties; in fact, it is not even the first time that it has had launch problems.

Fallout 76 Error Code 471

  1. What it actually is?

Authenticity problems may cause the error message “an unknown error has occurred” to appear on your screen.

This indicates that you are unable to access the game for one of two reasons: either you purchased the game from an unauthorized reseller or you have not yet redeemed the game code. Both of these reasons prevent you from playing the game.

Several users are able to log in, but every time they exit the app and go back to the main menu, they get this error.

The Error pops up most often towards the beginning of the game, when you are required to enter into your account. As a result, it is impossible to form teams or join multiplayer sessions during this time.

After a period of time spent playing, players often come across this Error. It just appears and causes the player to be disconnected from the game before requesting that they log back in.

To this point, the Error has been a problem on all systems; however, it has unquestionably been more widespread on Windows.

Many users have obtained their copies of the game via authorized retailers, yet they are still affected by the bug, but many others have had the game since it was in the beta stage and have never had any issues.

  1. Update Drivers

If you come into this error code when playing the game on your computer, you will need to make sure that your device drivers are up to date in order for it to function properly. The solution is straightforward, and in most cases, it eliminates otherwise insurmountable hurdles.

  • Launch the Device Manager application on your own computer.
  • Use your mouse’s right mouse button to choose the piece of hardware that has an out-of-date driver.
  • Select “Update Driver” using the mouse.
  • Alternately, you have the option of uninstalling the driver first and then allowing your computer to search automatically for the most recent version of the program once you have restarted your device.
  1. Check Your Internet Connection

If the issue persists, please check your internet connection. If you’re on a wireless connection, try plugging in to ensure that you have a strong signal.

You may also want to check with your service provider to see if they’re experiencing any difficulties. If all is well with your connection, please restart your console and Fallout 76 should launch as expected.

For help getting back into Fallout 76 once it launches, check out our Guide to getting back into Fallout 76 after an outage or crash.

  1. Check Your Graphics Settings

If you’re encountering error code 471, it’s possible you’re experiencing performance issues related to graphics settings. Here’s a quick troubleshooting guide to help fix the problem:

  • Check your graphics settings and make sure they’re on the highest possible setting.
  • Close any background applications that could be consuming system resources, such as Chrome or Spotify.
  • Restart your console by holding down the power button for 10 seconds. Once it turns off, wait 5 minutes before turning it back on. You’ll know if this was successful if the error message no longer appears after restarting the console.
  1. Do A System Scan For Corrupt Files

You need to check for damaged files on your system if the Fallout 76 problem 4:7:1 is not caused by the game itself, the unredeemed game code, or your drivers.

Scan your computer for corrupted files, and then use the S.F.C. or D.I.S.M. program to fix any files that are damaged.

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