4 Quick Fixes When Disco Elysium Is Not Responding On Startup

disco elysium not responding on startup
disco elysium not responding on startup

Nobody likes to have their game crash the moment they start it up. Unfortunately, this is a pretty common issue regardless of the game that you are trying to launch. While these crashes are mostly because the game starts to not respond, there can be a number of reasons behind it.

Speaking of which, if you are currently getting the “Not responding” message on Disco Elysium during startup, then this article is for you! We will be giving you a list of solutions that you can try which should be able to help you fix it:

Fixing Disco Elysium Not Responding On Startup:

  1. Checking Your System Requirements

The first thing that you should check if you are having a hard time with your game not being able to respond is making sure that your computer meets the requirements to run the game. Even if it does, it could be that you have some background application running that is eating up all your RAM.

To check this, you will have to open Task Manager on your PC and check if there is enough RAM left for your PC to run the game.

  1. Checking Background 3rd Party Software

Similar to the previous step, it is possible that you might be running some sort of software that is causing your game to act up. If that is the case, then you will need to ensure that you close any such programs running in the background.

For instance, programs like recording or monitoring software are often known to cause crashes in the game.

  1. Running Game As Administrator

Another quick way you can troubleshoot this problem is by running it as an administrator. For doing this, all you need is to right-click on your game along with pressing “Run this game as an administrator”.

  1. Verifying Your Game Files

Apart from all the above-mentioned steps, you can also try verifying your game files. Doing this will require you to open Steam and locate your game inside the library. Right-click on the game followed by going to its properties.

There should be an option that allows you to check all your game files. Pressing on it will make Steam download any missing or corrupted file of the game. Alternatively, you can just opt for a complete reinstall of the game.

The Bottom Line:

Have a hard time as Disco Elysium is not responding on startup? If you find none of these solutions to work for you, then you should definitely try contacting the support team for further help on the matter. They should have a better idea of what things you should try in order to get this fixed.

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