Agar vs Slither: Which .io Game is Better Than the Other?

agar vs slither
agar vs slither

Known throughout the world, .io games were once easily one of the most popular types of video games a few years ago. There were several of these types of games available to play on all kinds of different devices.

Two of the most popular of all were and, the two titles which were arguably responsible for making this genre of games as popular as it once was. To finally settle which of the two games is the better option between the two, we’ve compiled a comparison between the two below.

Agar vs Slither


The first comparison between the two is in regard to their objectives. In terms of gameplay, both of them have a very similar goal. This goal is to control your “character, whether it be a sphere or a snake/worm in the case of and respectively, and use it to get bigger and bigger. This means bigger in a literal sense, as players will have to connect more and more particles or consume other players’ characters to increase the size of their own.

While doing all of this, players obviously have to make sure that they aren’t consumed by other players themselves. To put it shortly, the main goal at the end of the day is to make sure your character is the biggest on the entire map at the end of the day and that no one else stops that from happening.


The gameplay between both of these games is thought to be very similar, but that isn’t the case at all. While the main concept is very much alike, both and have very different gameplay mechanics. is much different because players have to control a worm-like creature with realistic physics, managing its entire body including the front and the back so that no other players can eat you up. There aren’t many special powers either, other than boost mode which increases the speed of your character for a little while. has a bit more complicated gameplay thanks to the many different abilities in the game. There’s the option to break your sphere down into several different pieces to either attack enemies in a clever way or to make escapes when there’s simply no other option. There are also many other features of the sort and a few other abilities that make it feel unique.

Skins and Accessibility

While the characters in definitely look better at the start since they aren’t just boring spheres, takes the cake in this department thanks to its skins and customization options. These allow players to personalize their spheres in all kinds of different ways, which is an important aspect of games such as these. isn’t exactly the best in this regard, which is probably one of the worse things about the game that comes to mind.

To put it simply, is the original, more popular, and arguably better option if you’re looking for lots of variety. However, those looking to enjoy a simple and relaxing experience should opt to play instead.

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