How to Use the Dying Light Restart from Quest Feature?

dying light restart from quest
dying light restart from quest

Dying Light was very popular back when it first came out thanks to all of the unique aspects which it combined to offer something truly unique. The game took the horrifying intensity of zombies chasing you in a post-apocalyptic world and mixed it with smooth, free-flowing open-world parkour.

There’s a lot to like about it, and even today it continues to offer an enjoyable experience. Whether it be the multiplayer or the campaign, Dying Light has a lot of fun to offer new players and old ones waiting for the sequel alike.

We’re here to talk about the single-player campaign specifically, and one feature related to it that some players might have heard of before. This is to restart the game from a certain quest, rather than going all the way back to the beginning.

This feature is discussed below in full detail, along with a detailed look at whether or not it’s possible to use the Dying Light restart from the quest feature at certain times and how players can use it if it is. Continue reading below to find out more regarding the matter.

Why Players Would Want to Use the Dying Light Restart from Quest Feature

It could be that sometimes a save file gets corrupted and players don’t wish to go through the trouble of playing the entire game from scratch again just to get where they were. This is where the restart from quest feature helps.

Alternatively, it could also be used by someone that just wishes to visit their favorite missions from the game and/or wishes to go back to any side quests that they forgot to do before or after ending the game for achievements.

The short answer for all those asking whether or not this is possible is clear and simple. The feature is right there to be used in the main menu, so of course, it is possible. There is a certain point of the story that one needs to reach before being able to use it, but that point is just beyond the first few sections of the game so this likely isn’t a problem for a majority of users. Here is our guide on how to use the feature and exactly what the effects of using it are.

How to Use the Dying Light Restart from Quest Feature?

Using this feature in Dying Light is something that’s very easy to do. Simply go to the single-player campaign screen from the main menu of the game and stay there instead of starting the game from the last save file.

Once this is done, there should be an option here for new game plus, and for “restart from quest”. New game plus will take away all your progress and begin the game at the beginning while still letting players keep their equipment and learned skills.

However, restart from the quest is a feature that does something else entirely. This feature allows users to play the game from a specific mission of their choice and play that one, while also having the option to go back to the point where they were before the restart.

The best part is that players get to keep every bit of their equipment and learned skills. However, there is one simple downside, which might not actually be a downside at all for those looking to get specific achievements through side missions.

To get to the point, simply use the assigned button and commands to make the most of the restart from the quest feature through the main menu. Choose the specific quest you wish to restart from. Every single mainline mission that players have completed will be available for selection here.

The previously mentioned downside to resetting is that all the side missions up to the point of the reset will also be reset and will have to be completed again. So if you’re going to use this to go back to one of your favorite missions in the game, keep this in mind. However, if you’re using the feature to complete old side quests for achievements in the first place, it’s nothing to worry about.

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