7 Ways To Fix iCUE Not Detecting Keyboard?

Just like other gaming brands Corsair also has software that you can install to manage your Corsair devices. You can go to Corsair web and from the support section, the first thing you will find is the download tab. Just open that and you’ll see the iCUE download link at the top of the list. … Read more

7 Ways To Fix Corsair Void Pro No Sound

A wireless headset provides so much more convenience when compared to other wired variants. But it is quite hard to find a good wireless headset in the mid-price range. For the majority of wireless headsets either the sound quality is bad or they are too expensive. Luckily, you can buy the Corsair Void for around … Read more

Corsair Ml vs Corsair ll- Which One?

Till now, the primary reason why users bought different fans for their PC was to manage the temperature on their system. Especially, if you are overclocking or putting excessive load on the system. To avoid thermal throttling on the PC it is crucial to keep the temperature as low as possible. The most cost-effective and … Read more